BVM Compacta

Automated Mailer Systems

The BVM Compacta EGS is designed for fully automatic packaging. Designed to meet a wide variety of applications, the Compacta EGS is completely customizable, offering several different variations, capabilities, orientations, and accessories.

With an inline product flow, the Compacta EGS is sensor-controlled to accommodate both manual or automatic loading. The Compacta’s feeding systems ensure superior performance and make it possible to run production speeds over 100 cycles per minute.

Supports manual or automatic product feeding.Up to 150 packs per minute
Fully automatic change overLength: 2,770mm
The application of the servo cross seal eliminates the mechanical breakage of the brakeWidth: 1,770mm
Separate servo units for lower and upper sealingHeight: 1,800mm
Accommodates a variety of accessories from label applicators to groove punchesTouch screen controls for easy operation
The clearance and speed of the sealing jaw are fully customizable100 different package sizes in memory

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