The Advantages of Buying from a Single Source Supplier

Packaging plays a vital role in today’s fast-paced business landscape, ensuring product protection, preservation, and presentation. As the packaging industry continues to grow and adapt to changing market demands, it’s crucial for companies to stay ahead and offer exceptional packaging solutions. To provide insights into this dynamic landscape, we have developed Packaging Talks – a series of conversational panels with Crawford’s packaging experts. Whether you’re a business owner, a packaging professional, or simply curious, our panels aim to offer valuable information and inspiration. 

In this installment of our Packaging Talks, we chat with Carey Berdock, about the strategic advantages of buying from a single source supplier.


What are some of the most common challenges companies face with multi-vendor sourcing?

Great question! One of the biggest challenges companies face with multisourcing is inefficiency in their operation. Inefficiency looks different for each client, but it can range from complexity in coordination and inconsistency in quality to variability in costs and more. Complexity in coordination may occur when a client goes to order their packaging material and there are multiple points of contact, multiple processes to follow, various payment terms, and more.  

Inconsistency in quality happens when clients order the same products from a variety of vendors and the product isn’t consistent from order to order, which may lead to disruptions, product waste and increased costs. There is also variability in cost, which can be caused by many factors. This variability stems from a vendor’s share and buying power in the marketplace and raw material prices being subject to fluctuation. Uniform and consistent costing leads to better vendor relationships and streamlined procurement processes.


So, what is the alternative?

Buying from a single source supplier is the simplest alternative. It is a strategic decision that can yield multiple operational benefits, directly countering the many challenges I mentioned before. It can significantly reduce the complexities of vendor relationships, simplify your supply chain, and consolidate diverse services and products under one umbrella. This optimizes your costs and leads to significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. With a single source supplier, you can also expect a higher level of consistency in product quality. Additionally, best in class suppliers have extensive expertise and specialized industry knowledge. They bring forward innovative and customized solutions, tailored to your needs. In conclusion, the single source supplier model represents a strategic alignment that can yield substantial operational and financial benefits, driving business growth and ensuring market adaptability.


Very interesting! And how does Crawford fit into the equation?

At Crawford Packaging, we provide complete packaging solutions which encompass packaging automation and end of line equipment, consumables, product innovation and comprehensive technical support. In that sense, we are a true single source supplier, one source for many different solutions, depending on the client’s needs. Over the years we have developed a knowledge-based culture, and providing customized solutions to our clients is part of who we are and what we do best. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to understand their business and operational needs and provide them with the right solution. We also carry a lot of products as mentioned before, and we have the right solution for anyone, especially in markets such as distribution, e-commerce, general manufacturing and produce.


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