Void Fill Packaging Machines

In an ideal world, every product would have a package that fits it perfectly. In the real world, there is void fill packaging. Void fill packaging uses secondary packaging materials to fill open space in packages to limit shifting and moving during transport. Void fill packaging protects and cushions your product during shipping. Ensuring it reaches your customers intact for an amazing first impression.


Sealed Air NewAir I.B.® Express

The NewAir I.B.® Express is an inflatable cushioning system that will save you time and space. A single roll of Barrier Bubble® is able to produce 5000 square feet of ½ inch void fill material.

Sealed Air Fill-Air® Rocket

The Fill-Air® Rocket is an on-demand void fill packaging machine designed for diverse packaging solutions. With a wide selection of accessories, the Fill-Air® Rocket is a highly customizable packaging machine that can be modified for any packaging environment.

Protect It Right

The Protect It Right program guarantees an annual cost savings of up to 30%.

Protect It Right

The Protect It Right program works with clients to audit and review their existing protective packaging practices, materials and equipment. The program will identify areas of inefficiency and offers improvements to increase productivity and reduce per pack costs. The Protect It Right program has helped a wide variety of clients from e-commerce fulfillment centers to aircraft parts manufacturers. Through the Protect It Right program clients have discovered ways to reduce their costs by up to 30%.


Packing with Air.

Superior Packaging Protection

Void fill packaging offers a simple and easy way to fill vacant space in a packed carton. By filling space and limiting shifting you decrease the risk of product damage occurring during shipping. Protective packaging is also an easy to use alternative to expensive custom engineered dunnage, that likely won’t be returned.


Cost Effective Packaging

With the ability to fill space easily fill space of varying size, void fill packaging offers great opportunities for cost savings. Protective packaging helps to reduce the variety of box sizes needing to be kept on hand. This can simplify ordering and increase volume savings on what is ordered. 


Void Fill Machines Save Space

Void Fill packaging equipment reduces the storage requirements for your bubble packaging. One skid of Bubble on Demand is equal to 90 rolls of already inflated bubble wrap.


Bubble on Demand

Make the amount of bubble wrap you need, when you need it. With Void Fill packaging machines, you can produce bubble packaging on demand. Reducing clutter around the packaging line and improve worker safety and efficiency. Bubble on Demand systems are perfect for when you need to use bubble wrap at multiple packing stations at one time. With a central location, one bubble on demand system can produce batches of protective packaging that is then distributed to each individual packaging stations.


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