Robotic Palletizers

Get the most out of your automated packaging operation with robotic palletizers! Robotic palletizers are ideal for small and large packaging operations and can be used with automatic stretch wrappers and case sealing/forming equipment.

Fuji Robotics palletizers are renowned for being some of the fastest, strongest, and most energy-efficient palletizers on the market.

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Palletizer Machine Range


  • Most energy-efficient

  • Moderate palletizing capacity

  • Speed: 1200 cycles/hour


  • Largest working envelope

  • Smallest rotation radius

  • Speed: 1600 cycles/hour


  • High speed

  • Heavyweight applications

  • Speed: 1800 cycles/hour

Palletizer Machine Specifications

Model EC-102 EC-171 EC-201
Type of Motion Multi-Articulated
Action Mode Cylindrical
Load Capacity 160kg (353 lbs.) 160kg (353 lbs.) 200kg (441 lbs.)
Palletizing Capacity 1200 cycles/hr 1600 cycles/hr 1800 cycles/hr
Degree of Freedom 4 axis
Z Axis (Vertical) 2300mm 2400mm 2300mm
R Axis (Longitudinal) 1500mm 1600mm 1500mm
Theta Axis (Rotation) 330°
Alpha Axis (Wrist) 330°
Memory 120 blocks (20 layers x 30 steps)
Teaching Method Teaching playback / Teaching Support
Power Requirements (208-220 VAC, 3 phase, 50 / 60 Hz)
Power Consumption (Without Peripheral Equipment Load) 3.5 Kva / 9.7 amps 4.0 Kva / 10.5 amps 6.5 Kva / 17 amps
Robot Weight (Without End Effector) 1544 lbs 1654 lbs 1150 lbs
Air Source 0.5 Mpa
Pneumatic Consumption Maximum Air Pressure – 120 psi (0.827 MPa), End Effectors Require *5.7 SCFM @ 73 psi (.5 MPa)

Capacities as stated above are the maximum that may be achieved by the robot under ideal conditions. Capacity rates can be significantly affected by layouts, product types and total payload weight. Accurate capacity can be confirmed after a detailed analysis of an application. Pneumatic consumption may vary with use of a third party End Effector.

Features & Benefits

  • Create product patterns without PC

  • Pre-loaded product patterns

  • Simplified pattern adjustment

  • User-friendly touch screen (HMI)

  • High-level programming software

  • Real-time I/O and inventory monitoring

  • Error diagnostics and history log

  • UL1740 Certified

Features & Benefits

End effectors play an intricate role in successful robotic palletizing applications, there are several types of high-quality end effectors available designed for various applications.

Case End Effector

Box End Effector

Bag End Effector

Bag End Effector

Bag Depalletize

Case Depalletize

Book End Effector

Can End Effector

Palletizer Integration

Palletizers can be easily integrated with other automated packaging machines to rapidly increase throughput.

In the packaging line illustrated — the layout starts with case erecting and sealing machines then it moves on to a pallet dispenser that feeds into the palletizer, and the line ends with a stretch wrapper.

  1. 1 – Case Erecter

  2. 2 – Case Sealer

  3. 3 – Pallet Dispenser

  4. 4 – Palletizer

  5. 5 – Stretch Wrapper

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