BVM Brunner Comtex 4G

Automated Mailer System

Fully-automatic e-commerce packaging solution for shipping and return goods. The BVM Comtex 4G can package products of varying length, width and height without manual machine adjustment, the products do not have to be pre-sorted. Due to the scanning of the product’s length during the packaging process, a very narrow film bag is produced around the product.

Supports manual or automatic product feeding.Up to 25 cycles per minute
Fully automatic change overSeal width - 750 mm wide
The application of the servo cross seal eliminates the mechanical breakage of the brakeSeal width - 750 mm long
Separate servo units for lower and upper sealingPassage Height - Up to 150 mm returns
Creates a dispatch-ready parcel that includes invoice, goods packed, and shipping labelPassage Height - Up to 250 mm shipping

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