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We carry a wide range of packaging and specialty tapes to guarantee we have the right tape for your application. From all-purpose packaging tapes to special use tapes, our products and equipment aim to improve consistency and reduce per pack costs.

Crawford Packaging’s Tape Solutions

We work with industry-leading suppliers to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective packaging tape solutions on the market.

Tape It Right

The Tape It Right program audits existing tape processes, materials and equipment. The program will identify areas of inefficiency and offer improvements to increase productivity and reduce per pack costs. The Tape It Right program will deliver cost savings of up to 30% on your case sealing packaging.

How Tape It Right Works

One of the most consistent tape issues is the wrong tape being used. This often results in sealing inconsistency due to environmental issues, low product security or excessive tape use. Tape It Right asses the complete tape solution and identifies opportunities to reduce tape failure, increase product security and reduce tape consumption.

Developing a successful tape solution requires a balance of reliability and cost. When the tape is not strong enough it creates a weak seal and results in sealing failures and damaged products.

Packaging Tape
  • Hand Applied Tape
  • Machine Applied Tape
  • Hot-Melt Tape
  • Acrylic Tape
  • Water-Activated Tape
  • Rubber Adhesive Tape
Specialty Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Filament and Strapping Tape
  • Duct Tape

Types of Packaging Tape

From the products you pack to the cartons you use; every aspect of your packaging process will impact the effectiveness of your packaging tape solution. Our Packaging Specialists will analyze every aspect of your packaging and shipping process to create the right packaging tape solution for your operation.

Carton Sealing Tape

Carton sealing tape is available in multiple material and glue compositions. It is the primary method of sealing cartons in preparation for palletization or direct to consumer shipping. Packaging tape uses strong adhesives that penetrate the material of a carton and forms a strong bond with the carton fibres.

Hand Applied Packaging Tape

Manually applied packaging tapes are applied with a hand applicator. Commonly seen in low volume packaging environments, these tape rolls come in shorter lengths to reduce strain and allow for longer work periods without tiring.

Machine Applied Packaging Tape

Machine applied packaging tapes are designed to optimize machine efficiency and increase productivity. Commonly used in medium to high packaging applications, machine tapes come in longer rolls that extended run times and increase case erector/case sealer efficiency.


Find the Right Tape for Your Application

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Types of Tape Adhesives

How to Find the Right Tape Adhesive

Packaging tape, or carton sealing tape, is made up of two key components. The glue, and the material backing which is commonly made of bi-oriented polypropylene. Whether you are packing in a hot humid environment, or the deep chill of the freezer, there is a tape for you.

When choosing a packaging tape for your solution the key consideration is the glue. There are four common types of glue used in the creation of packaging tape.

Acrylic Packaging Tape

Acrylic based tapes use water or solvent-based adhesives on a BOPP backing. Acrylic tapes are suited for hot and cold application and storage environments.

Features of Acrylic Tape

  • Excellent Clarity
  • High Shear Strength to Prevent Flagging
  • Water or Solvent-Based Adhesive
  • BOPP Backing
  • Resistant to Ageing
  • Resistant to Weathering
  • Resistant to UV and Yellowing

Applications for Acrylic Tape

  • All-purpose Applications
  • Extreme Temperature Environments
  • Outdoor Shipping/Storage
Hot Melt Tape

Hot melt tapes are made from three components. A BOPP plastic film layer, a release coating for easy unwinding and an aggressive rubber/synthetic adhesive. This produces a tape with incredible bonding power that can penetrate the hardest to adhere materials. This makes hot melt tapes ideal for packaging operations that use high recycled content cartons.

Features of Hot-Melt Tape

  • Aggressive Adhesive
  • BOPP Backing
  • Strong Bond

Applications for Hot-Melt Tape

  • High Recycled Content Cartons
  • Heavy Cartons
  • High Strength
  • Humid Environments
Water-Activated Tape

Water-activated tape breaks from the normal formula of traditional packaging tape. Water-activated tape, or WAT, is made from four separate layers. The layers consist of a two kraft paper laminate layers reinforced with fibreglass material and the water-based adhesive. WAT’s starch-based adhesive is activated when water is applied. This formula creates a destructive bond that penetrates deep into the cartons fibres. The increased strength of WAT tape makes it optimal cartons with high recycled content or that require increased security.

Features of Water-Activated Tape

  • Water-Activated Adhesive
  • Strong and Destructive Bond
  • Leaves Clear Signs of Tampering/Opening
  • Automation: Pre-cut Lengths, Dispenser Fed
  • Increased Branding Options

Applications for Water-Activated Tape

  • Heavy Objects or Cartons Not Filled to Capacity
  • High Recycled Content Cartons
  • Valuable Products That Need Increased Security
Rubber Adhesive Tapes

Rubber adhesive tapes offer the most aggressive adhesive available in standard packaging tapes. Made from natural or synthetic rubber, these tapes have increased tack and bond quickly with their container. The strength of rubber adhesive packaging tape makes it ideal for use with cartons made from high recycled content, very rough or smooth surfaces or printed with heavy ink coverage. The increased tack of the tape helps it adhere in dusty, dirty environments as well as humid and high-temperature conditions.

Features of Rubber Adhesive Tapes

  • Very Aggressive Adhesive
  • BOPP Backing
  • Adheres in Dusty and Dirty Environments

Applications for Rubber Adhesive Tapes

  • “Problem” Packs
  • High Recycled Content Cartons
  • Strong Holding Force
  • Humid Environments

Specialty Tapes

Specialty Tapes

We carry a wide variety of Specialty tapes that allows you to consolidate all your tape products into one convenient order.

Masking Tape

Masking tapes and general-purpose masking tapes are versatile, pressure sensitive paper tapes with a wide range of uses. The majority of masking tapes are made with a crepe paper backing. This means the backing paper is creased and wrinkled intentionally to provide a soft and flexible material for curves and uneven surfaces. In many variations, widths and grades, these tapes have been engineered and designed with a wide variety of applications in mind.

Masking Tape Features

  • Gentle Adhesive
  • Variable Grades and Adhesion Characteristics
  • Hi-Temp and Freezer Grades
  • Colours and Plain
  • Width Up to 4″ Available

Applications for Masking Tape

  • Prevent Paint Bleed
  • Cover Small Sections of Glass During Coating/Cleaning
  • Attaching Material to Finished Products – Purchase Orders, Over Sheeting, Hardware Bags
Filament and Strapping Tape

Filament and strapping tapes are made from strong BOPP films with added filaments to increase its strength. These filaments increase the tapes tensile strength and limit the risk of breaking.

Filament and strapping tape is an ideal product for those tough operations that require excellent adhesion and increased tensile strength. An aggressive adhesive combined with the reinforcing fibres combine to create a tough tape, for tough jobs.

Filament and Strapping Tape Features

  • Bundling
  • Load Securement
  • Tabbing and Carton Closure
  • Reinforce Corrugate Noxes
  • Seal Containers for Shipping
  • Palletizing

Applications for Filament and Strapping Tapes

  • General Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Sporting Goods
  • Pipe Manufacturing
  • Metal Working
  • Military
  • Furniture Manufacturing
Duct Tape

Duct tape, or duck tape, is a cloth or scrim-backed pressure-sensitive tape often coated with polyethylene. The aggressive high bond adhesive combined with a reinforced internal structure and polyethylene coating makes this a highly durable product with a multitude of uses.

Duct Tape Features

  • Widths up to 4″
  • Wide Variety of Colors
  • Variable Strengths and Adhesion

Industries That Use Duct Tape

  • Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning – HVAC
  • Motor Sports
  • Military
  • Entertainment & Stage Productions
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Emergency Repair

The Right Tape

What Packaging Tape Should You Use?

Discovering the right packaging tape for your cartons requires a complete understanding of your packaging operations. A proper tape solution will consider a range of elements including the carton being packed, the packaging and storage environment, and the transportation method of the product.

The Benefits of Using the Right Packaging Tape

Choosing the right packaging tape has a drastic impact on your per pack costs. The right tape helps you to reduce consumption and waste as well as improve seal strength and security.

The Benefits of Using the Right Packaging Tape

1 – Reduce Damages: Using the right tape ensures a stronger, deeper bond with cartons, holding them closed. This reduces the risk of damages and can prevent outside contaminants from entering the carton.


2 – Reduce Tape Use: The right tape will seal cartons with a single strip. This helps to cut tape failure and using multiple lengths of tape to create an effective seal. Each extra strip that is eliminated is a direct cost saving for your packaging.


3 – Reduced Waste: By reducing tape failure and improving tape effectiveness, you will greatly reduce tape waste. The improve effectiveness optimizes labour efficiency as employee no longer spend time fixing cartons where the tape has failed.


4 – Increased Product Security: Products that are heavy or hold a high value often require added protection. With the right tape, you will create a pack that deters theft and offers increased levels of protection.


5 – Reduced Costs: By limiting tape use and waste, reducing damages and improving security you are able to reduce per pack costs and improve packaging tape efficiency.

Could automated packaging be your next addition? Contact us today and schedule a free packaging consultation with one of our highly trained and knowledgeable Packaging Specialists. Our Specialist will visit your packaging facility and work with you to identify areas that could be improved through the addition of automation.

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