Case Sealing Machines

Carton sealing machines, commonly known as case sealers, are packaging machines that fold and seal the top lids of your packed cartons. These machines offer a reliable and efficient way to seal cases after the packaging process.

Whether you pack a variety of box sizes or a single standard box, Crawford Packaging has the case sealer that fits your needs. Available in both automatic and semi-automatic formats, Case Sealers eliminate the need to use messy hand-held tape guns. Crawford Packaging works with you to find the right case sealing system to suit your needs.

Reduce Your Packaging Costs with Our Range of Best-In-Class Case Sealing Equipment

Random Case Sealers

Random case sealers are case sealing systems that are capable of adjusting their tape head height to any case size. These machines are great for packaging solutions that use a variety of box sizes at the same time on the packing line. Random case sealers are available in both automatic and semi-automatic running formats.

Uniform Case Sealers

Uniform case sealers require a manual adjustment of the tape head to seal boxes of different heights. These machines are perfect for packaging solutions that run in large batches or use the same size of box over long runs. Uniform case sealers are available in both automatic and semi-automatic running formats.

Benefits of Automated Case Sealers

Reduced Labour Costs

Decreased Excess Tape Usage

Faster Pack Speeds


Quick Tape Changeovers


Low Maintenance Required

Easy Operation

Case Sealing Success Stories

Always by Your Side

From the start to the finish, our team is with you, taking care of your equipment at every stage of the way!

Tape It Right


Tape It Right

The Tape It Right Program works with clients to audit and review their existing case sealing practices and equipment. The will improve sealing efficiency and productivity through the identification and standardization of improved case sealing practices. Through this standardization the Tape It Right Program has helped businesses save up to 30% on their annual carton sealing costs.


Need help selecting a Case Sealing Machine? 

Our Packaging Specialists have a deep understanding of automated packaging equipment and the best strategies to reduce your cost per pack.

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