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Improving Damage Rates and Productivity with Sealed Air Bubble Wrap®

Case Study: E-Liquid Distributor


A distributor of vaporizer e-liquids contacted Crawford Packaging to improve their protective packaging. The Distributor's current solution was resulting in high levels of product damage and poor productivity. The Distributor was using pre-inflated bubble packaging that did not have the strength to protect their fragile products. Employees experienced high pack times because of the need to trim the right size bubble for each box.

Crawford’s Packaging Specialist met with the client to perform a free packaging consultation. This involved the Specialist analyzing their products and box sizes to develop an effective solution. Following the consultation, it was recommended the Distributor trial two protective packaging products. Strong Grade Bubble Wrap and Protective Foam Packaging. After a trial period, Crawford determined the Strong Grade Sealed Air Bubble Wrap® was the ideal solution.

Close up photo of bubble wrap roll


An e-liquids distributor was experiencing high damage rates due to their existing protective packaging. Their employees were using inflated bubble packaging that did not provide enough protection. Additionally, the bubble packaging resulted in long pack times. Employees would have to measure out the required bubble for each pack and trim it to size with a knife. The trimming process also produced a large amount of wasted packaging.


Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Distributor’s e-fulfillment facility for a free packaging consultation. The consultation aimed to identify the Distributor’s packaging goals and how to meet them. The Specialist evaluation began with the fragile products and the case they were packed in. Due to the varying carton sizes, the Specialist recommended the Distributor trial two Sealed Air protective packaging solutions. An industrial strength Bubble Wrap that was available in various bubble sizes, and foam peanut solution. Both products were sent to the Distributors facility for drop and impact testing. These tests allow Distributor to see how the different solutions perform during shipping.


Bubble wrap in cardboard box ready for packaging

Sealed Air Strong Grade, Small Height Bubble Wrap®

Sealed Air invented Bubble Wrap® cushioning over 50 years ago. With multiple bubble sizes and styles, Sealed Air offers a protective solution to fit any packaging need. Sealed Air’s Strong Grade of wraps offers an even stronger bubble than before. This wrap uses a higher initial thickness and fullness. The stronger bubbles provide up to 30% more protection than other air packaging products. Sealed Air’s patented Barrier Seal ensures a longer lasting bubble for extended life. Making this the perfect product for long or unpredictable delivery cycles. Made from 15% recycled content this wrap is an environmentally friendly, recyclable alternative to other void fill materials.

Bubble Wrap Customization Options

As an added option, Sealed Air offers perforations and slits for rolls of pre-filled bubble wrap. These options allow you to customize your roll sizes by altering the roll to smaller sizes. Perforations are available at customized lengths and allow for easy tearing for varying pack sizes. Slits adjust a standard sized roll of the pre-inflated bubble to work better when packaging smaller cartons. A standard roll is 42” high and can be slit at custom widths resulting in rolls of smaller sizes. These modular options reduce waste and improve packaging time by eliminating the need to trim large rolls to size.


Following the trial process, Crawford’s Packaging Specialist recommended Sealed Air’s Strong Grade Bubble Wrap®. To further enhance their efficiency, perforations would be added every 12”. The 42” roll would also be split into three 14” sections. This customization increases the modularization of the bubble rolls and eliminates the need to trim rolls as orders were fulfilled.

Broken Product in Box Icon to Represent Reducing Produce Damage

Reduced Damages

Sealed Air’s patented Bubble Barrier ensures that your wrap stays inflated throughout the shipping process. With a higher initial thickness, Sealed Air Bubble Wrap offers up to 30% more protection over other protective packaging solutions. The reduction in product damage helped the Distributor improve customer satisfaction rates. Products are now shipped securely and arrive at their destination intact. This new protective packaging solution has eliminated the need to ship replacement products, further increasing their e-fulfilment profits.

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Improved Throughput

The perforated and slit rolls have helped to increase the Distributor’s throughput. Employees no longer need to cut and trim large bubble rolls by hand. Working with smaller more manageable rolls has helped the packers improve pack times get orders fulfilled quickly. Employees now take a 14” roll of Bubble Wrap®, determine the size of sheets they need, and then simply pull them apart.

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Reduced Waste

With smaller more manageable rolls, packers can now size their bubble packaging more accurately, eliminating packaging waste. The packers now roll out lengths of wrap that accommodate to pack size. Sealed Air’s Strong Grade Bubble is made from at least 15% recycled materials and can be recyclable by the consumer.

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