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Improving Case Sealing Efficiency and Reducing Tape Consumption with Intertape Hot Melt Tape

Case Study: Food Processing


Crawford Packaging was contacted by a dairy processor who was having trouble sealing cases with their existing case sealing machine tape solution. Working in a refrigerated environment, the Processor’s tape was losing its adhesion. This was resulting in cartons unsealing during transport or in the storage fridges.

Crawford’s Packaging Specialist was brought in by the Processor for a free packaging consultation. Understanding the Processor’s needs for an improved taping solution, the Packaging Specialist contacted our tape partner, IPG, to review the situation. IPG and the Packaging Specialist prepared sample rolls for testing on the Processor’s Case Sealing machine. Following the test period, the Processor replaced their old tape solution with a 48MM X 1828M, hot melt 30-micron tape from IPG. IPG cold temperature tapes are designed specifically to perform in cold temperature environments.

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A dairy processor was experiencing an issue where their existing tape solution was losing its seal and popping off the carton. This would result in cartons opening while sitting in cold storage areas or during transport, exposing the products inside. This is an issue that can occur when adhesive tapes are used in environments they are not engineered for. Most tapes use a liquid adhesion method to form the initial bond with the carton. When temperatures get too low, this glue will freeze. The frozen glue becomes rigid, losing its ability to adhere, or its “tackiness”. The client required a tape solution that would meet their needs for cold storage, keeping cartons sealed and products secured.


The Processor’s Warehouse Supervisor contacted Crawford for an assessment of their current tape adhesion problem at his facility. Crawford was referred to the Supervisor via the purchasing agent from one of the Processor’s other locations. With expert tape knowledge, Crawford’s Packaging Specialist contacted IPG for sample test rolls. The Packaging Specialist tested a variety of sample rolls the with the Processor at their facility. The sample rolls were left with the Client to test over time to ensure the tape met their sealing needs.

IPG Carton Sealing Tape 7151QT Cold Temperature Medium Grade Hot Melt


Intertape™ hot melt carton sealing tapes offer the widest range of application flexibility. They offer excellent processing performance, whether manually or automatically applied. Their superior adhesion properties, holding force and tensile strength improves seal strength and ensure an easy unwind. This provides packers with reliable seals on a variety of cartons. With varying grades of adhesive, the Processor tested a 48mm, 30-micron tape engineered for cold temperatures. The tape is available in clear or tan for both hand and machine applicators.


After the test period, the Processor found that the IPG tape worked well in cold storage environments, maintaining adhesion despite the temperatures. Cartons were properly sealed by a single length of tape and would maintain adhesion. This reduced case handling times with employees no longer needing to reseal boxes where the tape failed.

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Increased Efficiency and Productivity

This knowledge-based packaging solution has helped the Processor improve their packaging throughput and packing tape consumption rates. Cartons being run through the Case Sealing machine are being effectively sealed, the first time. This has improved the throughput of the Processors packaging solution as boxes are seal properly the first time.

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Reduced Consumption

This tape packaging solution has greatly reduced the Processor’s consumption rates. The IPG hot melt adhesive was able to hold its seal on the first application. Employees no longer needed to run a carton through the sealer multiple times to achieve a strong lasting seal or replace tape once it fails.

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Reduced Labour

This tape packaging solution has reduced labour costs per case sealed by reducing the number of times cases are handled. Employees are now able to spend their time packaging and sealing cases and less time removing the failed tape and reapplying.

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