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Creating a Custom Package for a National Food Processor’s New Product Launch

Case Study: Food Processing


Crawford Packaging was recently contacted by a National Food Processor searching for a new package for a product launching in 2018. The product would be a brand new product for the Food Processor, and the right package was key to its success. The Food Processor was in search of a food tray solution for a new line of bulk packaged potatoes.

Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Food Processor’s facility to conduct a free packaging consultation. The Specialist analyzed the Processor’s product and packaging equipment to create an effective food packaging solution. Following the consultation, a custom foil tray solution was created for the Processor to test.

farmer in field holding mini white potatoes


A Food Processor was in search of a packaging solution for a new product line they were launching in 2018. The product was a new line of mini potatoes that would be cooked in the tray they were packed in. The tray needed hold between 2-3 pounds and safe for ovens, barbecues and microwaves. The Food Processor had tested many other packaging solutions but had not yet found a solution capable of their desired pack weight.


Crawford’s Packaging Specialist met with the Food Processor’s Innovation Manager to conduct a free packaging consultation. The consultation analyzed the Food Processor’s desired packaging goals. The Innovation Manager was invited to visit Crawford’s Packaging Equipment Showroom in Brampton, Ontario. During the Processor’s visit, a test pack was created using a foil tray on a shrink wrapper with shrink film. After testing at the Brampton Showroom, the Processor sent test trays to their facilities across Canada. The trays were tested in the facilities existing packaging equipment to assess the compatibility.

Initial product trials were performed at the facilities under the support of Tim, Crawford’s Industrial Automation Manager. The test consisted of a pack of mini potatoes that would be wrapped with the Processor's shrink packaging equipment. Once the packs were sealed they were put in a cooler to create a cold environment. Once cooled, the test packs were cooled to standard retail temperatures for shelf life testing.


Packaging Solutions for Food Processors

We work with industry leaders to provide cost-effective, impactful packaging solutions for Food Processors. We carry a variety of trays and punnets that are food grade certified and perfect for use in a variety of equipment types such as flow wrappers, shrink wrappers and tray sealers.

Cryovac® CT-300 Series Shrink Film

Cryovac® CT-300 Series Shrink Films are easy to use and have the strength of films twice the thickness. A thinner film allows manufacturers to hold more film per role, increasing roll yield and decreasing downtime. These films have high clarity and offer incredible optics to enhance shelf impact on the retail shelves. Cryovac® CT-300 Series Shrink Films are available in various strengths and can be used on a variety of shrink packaging equipment.

roll of cryovac shirnk film from crawford packaging


This impactful, knowledge-based packaging solution has helped the Food Processor prepare for their upcoming product launch. The foil trays have the desired strength and offer versatile cooking options.

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Reduced Packaging Waste

The strength of Crawford Packaging’s foil tray solution allows the Food Processor to pack their desired weight. This will help the Processor to launch their new product with less raw material used per pack. The reduction in raw material reduces waste and allows the Processor to offer their consumers an environmentally friendly product.

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Increased Throughput and Product Integrity

The increased strength of Crawford Packaging’s foil trays allows the Food Processor to package their products through automated packaging equipment. The strong trays can maintain their shape and integrity when they are processed through multiple pieces of equipment. This rigidity and durability will allow the Food Processor to run their equipment at a higher packaging rate. With the ability to run at high speeds, the Processor is able to meet the demand for their new product.

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