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Dustbane Floor Scrubber: Improving Cleanliness While Reducing Labour

Case Study: Fresh Produce Grower/Packer


A fresh produce greenhouse grower contacted Crawford Packaging to help with the selection and purchase of a new riding floor scrubber. The floor scrubber needed to be easy to use and capable of working in the greenhouse environment. The client sought a system that would last a long time with minimal wearing parts. The machine also required to be highly efficient, meet their high demands for cleanliness, use minimal labour and not affect the quiet working environment.

Crawford Packaging worked with our partner Dustbane to develop a cleaning solution that met all of the grower's needs.

Man standing in greenhouse surveying cleanliness of greenhouse facility


A greenhouse environment is a balanced ecosystem that is often at risk of contamination and disease without a clean environment. The need for clean floors is a must and can help ensure the greenhouses growth investment. Our client sought a cleaner that would be able to clean the facility efficiently, required minimal labour and that would fit into their low noise environment.


Our Packaging Specialist contacted our partner Dustbane to discuss the riding cleaners and their experience with greenhouse growers. Dustbane has found in the past that greenhouse growers bought low quality walk behind and non-industrial equipment which did not have satisfactory results. With a strong understanding of the available products, as well as video demonstrations of different scrubbers, our Packaging Specialist presented the best solution to the grower.


Dustbane Industrial Riding Floor Scrubber Hurricane 900XTT

Crawford identified the best solution as the Dustbane Hurricane 900XTT 30” Industrial Automatic Floor scrubber with the pre-sweep feature. This floor scrubber comes with a large 30” scrubbing brush and rear squeegee. This allows the cleaning system to apply the chemical cleaner, scrubs the floor and picks up the cleaning solution in one pass. The two front pre-sweeping roller brushes minimized the needed labour by eliminating the need to sweep the floor before cleaning.

The Hurricane 900XTT comes with a large capacity tank and five hours of run time. These features ensure long run times that will keep the client's facility clean throughout the day. With a 70dB noise level, the Hurricane 900XTT fell well below the 85dB OSHA limit for a workplace that does not require hearing protection.


The client was impressed with the machines long run time and labour efficient design. The client has added two of the scrubbers to their greenhouse facility.

This knowledge based solution from Crawford Packaging has helped to reduce the client's labour for sweeping and cleaning their facility. The extended operation time has allowed for them to keep their facilities clean from cross-contamination and reduce the risk of spreading pests and disease.

Clean Cucumber Greenhouse Floor from Dustbane Hurricane Floor Scrubber

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