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How We Helped a Warehousing and Logistics Provider Reduce Packaging Waste and Increase Productivity

Case Study: Warehousing and Logistics Provider


A warehousing and logistics provider recently approached Crawford Packaging to improve their protective packaging operation. The Logistics Provider’s void fill packaging equipment was experiencing a high rate of breakdown. When the equipment was running, it produced a low-quality, under inflated air pillow and required frequent roll changes. Due to the low-quality air pillow, the Logistics Provider experienced higher damage rates of their shipped products. 

One of Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Logistic Provider’s facility to conduct a free packaging consultation. The consultation reviewed the existing packaging equipment and identified their packaging goals. Once complete, a follow-up visit was performed with a representative of our protective packaging partner, Sealed Air. The Logistics Provider trialed a Fill-Air® Rocket system on their existing packaging line. This allowed them to compare the speed and quality of the Sealed Air equipment to their existing solution.

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A large warehousing and logistics provider was experiencing poor efficiency and protection with their existing air pillow packaging solution. Their existing air pillow packaging equipment had begun to break down frequently. This was causing the Logistics Provider significant amounts of downtime. When the void fill machines were working, the quality of the pillow had declined. The void fill pillows produced were under-inflated and unable to provide quality protection. Often pillows were not filled at all, and an employee was required to remove them from the line. Due to the under-inflated, packages required a higher quantity of pillows to provide the proper protection. The poor air pillow quality was driving up the Logistics Provider’s damage rates and greatly impacting their costs.


One of Crawford’s Packaging Specialists visited the Logistics Provider’s facility to conduct a free packaging consultation. With the assistance of the Operations Manager, the Packaging Specialist reviewed the protective packaging solution currently being used. The client's air pillow systems were installed offline and used for batch production. Employees used baskets at their stations to hold pillows which were swapped out when empty. The baskets were then refilled at the batch pillow production stations and returned to the packing line.

Following the consultation, the Packaging Specialist scheduled a follow up meeting at the facility. The second site visit would also include Crawford Packaging's protective packaging partner Sealed Air. The Sealed Air representative and Packaging Specialist reviewed the facilities packaging needs and goals of the Operations Manager. It was determined that the Logistics Provider would benefit from using a Fill-Air® Rocket for a trial period in their facility. This allowed the Operations Manager and their employee’s the chance to test the Fill-Air® Rocket and compare the quality of the air pillow it produced.


The Fill-Air® Rocket™ is an on-demand void fill packaging system designed to meet diverse fulfillment needs. Drawing on decades of best-in-class experience, the Fill-Air® Rocket™ system is fast, simple, light, and compact. The Fill-Air® Rocket™ can produce 100 feet of air pillow cushions per minute. The Fill-Air® Extreme™ and Fill-Air® Extreme Efficiency™ films are available in three widths (8”, 10” and 12”) and can be converted to two different lengths. Operators can create six possible air pillow sizes for maximum flexibility and versatility.


Following the trial period, the Logistics Provider replaced all six of their air pillow systems with Sealed Air Fill-Air® Rockets. This knowledge-based packaging solution has helped the Logistics Provider to increase packaging productivity as well as reduce waste and damages.

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Increased Efficiency and Productivity

With longer rolls of air pillows, the Sealed Fill-Air® Rocket offers longer run times between roll changes. The faster production speeds have also reduced the time it takes for employees to refill their air pillow baskets. The reliability of the Fill-Air® Rocket has also greatly reduced machine downtime.

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Reduced Waste and Consumption

The new robust pillows created by the Fill-Air® Rocket provides the Logistics Provider’s packers with reliable, easy to use pillows. Employees no longer required to watch for and remove uninflated pillows from their batches. The Fill-Air® Rocket ensures a complete fill of each pillow produced. The improved pillow quality has also reduced the pillows required for each pack. This has improved pillow consumption rates as well as consumer unboxing as less waste is produced per package.

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Reduced Damages

The improved quality and strength of the Sealed Air pillows have helped the Logistics Provider to greatly reduce their shipping damages. The resilient pillows produced by the Fill-Air® Rocket are able to provide more protection per pillow used. Packers are now using fewer pillows per pack but are able to create a stronger level of void fill protection.

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