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Improving Stretch Wrap Efficiency and Throughput with Wrap It Right

Case Study: Manufacturer


A North American manufacturer of paper and corrugated products contacted Crawford Packaging with an interest in the Wrap It Right stretch film program. The Manufacturer was experiencing poor stretch wrap efficiency and high damage rates during shipping. These issues were stemming from poor film strength and aging equipment. The existing stretch film frequently broke during wrap cycles and provided poor containment.

Crawford's Packaging Specialist visited the Manufacturer’s facility for a Wrap It Right analysis. The analysis examined the Manufacturer’s existing stretch wrapper performance, wrap standards and the total film used per pallet. Following the analysis, Crawford worked with the Manufacturer to improve wrapping process to reduce breaks. The Manufacturer also tested a downgauged, high-performance stretch film. The film offered increased film strength and containment.

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A leading North American manufacturer of paper-based products was experiencing poor stretch wrap efficiency. The Manufacturer was experiencing high rates of stretch film breakage, resulting in large amounts of film waste. Due to the poor film strength, the Manufacturer had to run wrapping equipment at lower pre-stretch rates. The lower stretch rates resulted in damaged products during shipping and used excessive amounts of stretch film to achieve ideal load containment.


Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Manufacturer's facility to conduct a Wrap It Right analysis. The program included a free packaging consultation and a complete review of their existing stretch film operation. The program analyzed the Manufacturer’s stretch wrap film, equipment and procedures. The Packaging Specialist worked with the Manufacturer’s maintenance team to develop new stretch wrap standards and equipment settings. The team was shown what errors to watch for and how to adjust wrapper settings as needed. Following the audit, the Packaging Specialist provides the Manufacturer with sample rolls of a 48 gauge stretch film for testing in their facility.

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Wrap It Right Program

Crawford Packaging’s Wrap It Right program is aimed at reducing stretch film costs and consumption. Film savings are generated through the analysis of existing stretch film process and identifying ways to reduce the costs associated with poor stretch wrap practices. This can include improved product protection, increased throughput and reduced film consumption. These factors combine to provide increased production speeds, reduced damages and a lower cost per pallet.

Platinum Max Ultra High-Performance Machine Stretch Film

Platinum Max Ultra High-Performance Machine Stretch Film

Platinum Max machine stretch films offer increased strengths at reduced film thickness. These films use high-quality resins to deliver incredible strength and pre-stretch levels while maintaining high film clarity. Platinum Max films are available in a wide range of gauges and provide high levels of load containment.


Following the Wrap It Right audit, the Manufacturer replaced their existing stretch film with Platinum Max film. The new film, paired with the finely tuned settings has helped the Manufacturer see great improvements to their stretch wrap throughput and films consumption rates.

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Improved Throughput and Efficiency

With a stronger film and finely tuned wrap process, the Manufacturer eliminated film breakage during wrap cycles. With no film breaks, the Manufacturer has increased stretch wrapper throughput rates. The down gauged film reduces the amount of downtime for roll changeovers.

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Reduced Stretch Film Consumption and Improved Per Skid Cost

With a stronger stretch film, the Manufacturer has been able to use their stretch film more efficiently. The improvement to wrap strength and stretchability has allowed for a reduction in wraps per load. With fewer individual wraps required, each pallet uses less film. This has increased the Manufacturer’s throughput and lowered their cost per pallet.

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Reduced Shipping Damages

The ultra-high quality and strength of Platinum Max film have provided the Manufacturer with increased wrap strength. The increased wrap strength has helped the Manufacturer achieve a higher containment strength or, increased force to load. This increased containment provides sturdy loads that are more stable and will not collapse during handling or transport.

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