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Increasing Stretch Wrap Productivity with Wrap It Right and Lantech Q-300XT

Case Study: Auto Parts Manufacturer


Crawford Packaging recently worked with an auto parts manufacturer located in the Greater Toronto Area that was experiencing rapid growth. The Manufacturer’s facility had grown and required another stretch wrapper to meet demand. In their initial search, the Manufacturer discovered a used stretch wrapper at what seemed to be a generous price. Having worked with Crawford to purchase a stretch wrapper for a separate location, the Manufacturer contacted their Packaging Specialist for assistance.

The Packaging Specialist met with the Manufacturer to review their possible solutions. The Packaging Specialist investigated the used stretch wrapper’s history and discovered the wrapper was more than 13 years old. With an understanding of the benefits of purchasing a new stretch wrapper over a 13-year-old wrapper, the Manufacturer purchased a new Lantech Q-300XT.

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An Auto Parts Manufacturer was experiencing steady growth and required new stretch wrapping equipment. The Manufacturer previously purchased a Lantech Q-300XT with Crawford at one of their other locations. The Manufacturer found a used stretch wrapper that would meet their needs. The used packaging machine offered significant savings over a new stretch wrapper, priced at $6,500. Following a review of the used wrapper, the Manufacturer had some concerns about its lifespan and viability.

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The Manufacturer contacted their Packaging Specialist to request his expertise into the quality of the used wrapper. The Packaging Specialist met with the Manufacturer to review the used machine and identify any signs of age. The Packaging Specialist noted visible wear on the wrappers turntable that indicated excessive wear and use. Following the review, the Packaging Specialist contacted Crawford’s Packaging Equipment Manager for a second opinion. The Manager reviewed the used wrapped and estimated the value at less than $2,500.

To provide the Manufacturer with accurate information, the Packaging Equipment Manager contacted the wrappers manufacturer. The manufacturer provided an in-depth history that indicated the used stretch wrapper was over 13 years old and had a long history of repairs.

With the most accurate information available, the Packaging Specialist met with their client to discuss the used stretch wrapper. The Packaging Specialist advised the Manufacturer of the risks of purchasing old, worn down equipment. With the current age of the machine, the Manufacturer would likely experience poor stretch film efficiency and containment rates, as well as the possibility of major, late in life repairs.


Wrap It Right

Wrap It Right audits and reviews existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap It Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through standardization of stretch film practices. Through Wrap It Right, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs.

Lantech Q-300XT

The Lantech Q-300XT was designed to save hours of a fork truck and operator time every day. The operator does not have to leave the fork truck to begin or end each wrapping cycle. This is completed by the Q-300XT is capable of attaching the film to start the cycle and cut the stretch film once the load has finished. This frees up the operator to get another load and return to a fully wrapped load. The Q-300XT is also available with an optional scale that streamlines the wrapping process. Operators are able to complete a wrap cycle and get the final net weight of the load without moving it to another area for weighing. During high productivity, this Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper can wrap up to 40 loads per hour.


Armed with an accurate machine history and a complete understanding of the risks, the Manufacturer chose to add a new Lantech Q-300XT with added weigh scale to their facility. This knowledge-based, and impactful solution has helped the Manufacturer increase their packaging productivity and throughput, reduce film consumption and improve labour efficiency.

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Reduced Stretch Film Waste

With a new turntable stretch wrapper, the Manufacturer ensured a consistent and reliable stretch rate. A brand-new stretch carriage adds an additional 250% stretch rate to the film. This guarantees the Manufacturer uses the minimum stretch film to achieve containment levels. The Manufacturer has chosen to utilize Crawford’s Wrap It Right program to further assess their stretch wrap processes and minimize stretch film per pallet.

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Improved Stretch Wrap Productivity and Throughput

The new Q-300XT stretch wrapper helped the Manufacturer increase their stretch wrap capabilities and meet the higher level of production. The new stretch wrapper offers years of reliability and prepares the facility for future growth. This will help ensure that their full loads are wrapped and ready for transport with no delay’s due to stretch wrap equipment downtime.

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Increased Labour Efficieny

The Lantech Q-300XT and optional weigh scale has increased the Manufacture’s labour efficiency and productivity. The semi-automatic feature of the Q-300XT allows drivers to drop a load on the turntable, start the wrap cycle and leave to perform another task. The driver can pick up his next load, deliver production materials or replace the fork trucks fuel without slowing production. Once the pallet is wrapped, the optional weigh scale provides the final load weight for shipping. Eliminating the need to move the wrapped load to a secondary scale. This streamlined process will enable drivers to better use their time and complete more tasks per shift. 

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