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Eliminating Damages to Painted Vehicles with Polymask Film

Case Study: Automotive Paint Facility


An automotive paint facility in London, Ontario, was experiencing damages to painted vehicles. After the vehicle was painted, the vehicles became damaged as work was still being completed around the vehicle. The Paint Facility was looking for a way to eliminate this damage and reduce labour and waste.

A Crawford Packaging Specialist reviewed the process and discovered that a protective polyethylene film would be best at protecting the newly painted vehicle. The PolyMask Film provides a protective barrier while decreasing labour, increasing productivity and reducing parts consumption. After a trial, the Painting Facility decided to add PolyMask Film to their painting process and have reported zero damaged vehicles since introducing the protective film.

classic car freshly painted red in the paint booth at painting facility


After painting the vehicles, further work is still required in and around the vehicle. This can cause marking or damage to areas that were just painted. In some cases, the vehicle needs to be re-painted or require a timely touch-up.


A Crawford Packaging Specialist visited the Paint Facility to investigate the damages occurring to the vehicles. Once the Packaging Specialist had a strong understanding of the issue, they engaged Crawford’s polyethylene film manufacturer to create a solution for the customer. The Packaging Specialist discovered that a thin film layer placed on the vehicle would be an excellent solution to the problems faced. The Packaging Specialist set up an on-site demonstration to test various film weights and widths to find the best solution for the customer. The films were tested over time to ensure there were no adverse effects to the paint and finish on the vehicles.


The Crawford Packaging Specialist provided the Paint Facility with samples of PolyMask Films. This film is a polyethylene film with a very light adhesive. The PolyMask Film is applied to the outside painted areas of the vehicle to protect the surfaces that have been previously painted. The polyethylene film can be easily removed without leaving any residue on the painted surface. PolyMask Film can be made in various weights/gauges for stretch as well as varied widths from 6”-30” wide.

  • Substrates: Plastic, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Painted Surfaces

  • Surfaces: Polished, Smooth Surface, Semi-Gloss

  • UV Exposure: Up to 3 Days

  • Industries: General Industrial, Plastic Extrusion, Metalworking

  • Adhesive: Acrylic

person applying protective polymask film to white car front bumper to protect paint


After an on-site demonstration and trial period, the Paint Facility added a PolyMask Film to their painting process. This knowledge-based solution has helped to avoid costly damage to painted vehicles, saving labour and consumption.

icon of damaged product inside box

Reduced Damage

There are no longer any damages being reported on the vehicles after the paint job has been completed. Even when there is more work required around the vehicle, the painted areas are fully protected by the PolyMask Film.

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Increased Productivity

The Paint Facility experienced many benefits from using the PolyMask film. They now have no delays in completion and shipping of vehicles due to the fact that they are not required to repaint or touch up previously painted cars. The Paint Facility is saving hours of timely delays on the paint jobs for all the vehicles.

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Reduced Labour

The protective PolyMask Film is now protecting all paint jobs that have already been completed. This is reducing labour for each vehicle as touch-ups or repainting of the vehicle is not required.

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Reduced Consumption

Since the customer no longer worries about touch-up jobs or repainting, they have noticed a vast decline in the use of paint supplies, thinners, spray nozzles and filters purchased.

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