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Stretch Wrap – Precisionrap

Case Study: Food Service Distributor


Stretch Wrap Rolls in Stacked Upright in Case

A food service distribution company located in Milton, Ontario was wrapping pallets with a robot machine wrapper. This process was taking too much time, was consuming too much machine stretch film and did not wrap pallets quickly enough to maintain productivity levels. Staff would often have to wrap a pallet twice because the load containment was not strong enough to hold the pallet together.

After a deep evaluation and testing different solutions we discovered that Precisionrap provided the most benefit to the customer. Right away the customer noticed that they were using less film and were taking less time to wrap a pallet. Precisionrap was applying stronger and more consistent load containment and increased the number of pallets wrapped.

After just three months of using Precisionrap to wrap their pallets the customer has seen a dramatic reduction in film waste, film consumption, and labour costs while experiancing increased productivity and throughput.


The customer was using a robot machine wrapper to wrap their pallets. The robot machine wrapper was consuming too much film by not stretching the film 200%. Th staff were often having to wrap a pallet twice because containment was not strong enough to hold the pallets load. The machine wrapping process they were using was also not quick enough to achieve the desired productivity levels.


Trial 1

Crawford Packaging demonstrated the capabilities of a Stretch Wrapper and added a new Stretch Wrapper to the customer's packaging line. However after a trail period, found that the machine took up too much room and wrapping took longer than desired.

Trial 2

Next, Crawford removed the Stretch Wrapper and trialed Hand Stretch Film with a regular Hand Dispenser. However, it was found that the pallet containment was not where it should be. The Hand Film Dispensers also brought health and safety concerns for the staff due to the quantitiy of pallets to wrap.

Trial 3

After evaluation of different solutions, Crawford Packaging demonstrated the capabilities of Precisionrap compared to traditional Hand Film. Crawford provided four dispensers and three cases of film for the customer to trial.


After a short trial period of Precisionrap, the customer noticed that they were using less film and had increased their productivity and number of pallets wrapped.  Pallets were taking less time to wrap and the need to re-wrap pallets was eliminated due to the Precisionrap applying strong, consistent load containment. The customer decided that Precisionrap is the best alternative to a robot machine wrapper and changed their wrapping material to Precisionrap PR18.

The PrecisionrapXL Hand Wrapping System

Precisionrap is the most effective portable hand dispenser and film solution on the market today. With a patented echo friendly design, Precisionrap uses pre-stretched coreless stretch film rolls on an easy to use hand dispenser that ensure a consistent 35% rate of stretch. The easy to hold dispenser is designed to protect your stretch wrap and can be stored in a multitude of ways between wrapping jobs. With its ergonomic grip design, the Precisionrap system can easily be held in front of or behind an operator and reduces the amount of bending required to fully wrap a pallet.


For the last three months, the customer has been wrapping their pallets with Precisionrap PR18. The customer has seen a dramatic reduction in stretch film waste, film consumption rates and a decrease in labour costs. These savings have been coupled with an increase in productivity and throughput.

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An estimated film cost savings of $25,000 per year by wrapping with Precisionrap PR18.

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