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Increasing Health and Safety and Load Containment with the Precisionrap Hand Wrap System

Case Study: Food Processor


Crawford Packaging recently worked with a dairy food processor in Toronto, Ontario. The Food Processor was in search of a new stretch wrap solution to replace their existing hand applied stretch film. The Processor had limited space and sought a solution that increased employee health and safety.

A Crawford Packaging Specialist visited the Processor's facility to conduct a Wrap It Right audit. During the audit, the Packaging Specialist introduced the Processor to the Precisionrap hand wrapping system. The Processor trialed the Precisionrap system and recognized the ergonomic benefits immediately. Following the trial, the Processor switched their traditional hand wrapping method to Precisionrap.

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A Dairy Food Processor wanted to improve the health and safety of their pallet wrap operators. Their goal was to reduce the risk of strains and injury in the stretch wrapping process. Their current hand wrapping method required employees to be bent over and walk backwards. Trip hazards were prevalent in the wrapping area that could not be removed. This increased the likelihood of injuries as employees could trip and become injured. Due to their facility size and floor space, moving to a stretch wrap machine was not an option.


The Processor contacted Crawford Packaging to identify a new pallet wrap solution. A Packaging Specialist visited the Processor’s facility to perform a Wrap It Right audit. After identifying the Food Processor's goals and requirements, the Packaging Specialist recommended Precisionrap and set up an on-site trial of the system.

At the Processor’s facility, the Packaging Specialist met with their Warehouse Supervisor and pallet wrapping team. They tested the Precisionrap system against their original hand wrap. The Packaging Specialist demonstrated the ergonomic Precisionrap system. After the demonstration, each employee tested the new system and quickly recognized the ergonomic benefits of Precisionrap. Precisionrap allowed employees to work more comfortably, with less effort while walking forward. The Warehouse Supervisor was impressed by the consistent stretch rate while applying the film.


Wrap It Right

Wrap It Right audits and reviews existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap It Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through standardization of stretch film practices. Through Wrap It Right, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs.

The PrecisionrapXL Hand Wrapping System

Precisionrap is the most effective portable hand dispenser and film solution on the market today. With a patented eco-friendly design, Precisionrap uses pre-stretched coreless stretch film rolls on an easy to use hand dispenser that ensure a consistent 35% rate of stretch. The easy to hold dispenser is designed to protect your stretch wrap and can be stored in a multitude of ways between wrapping jobs. With the ergonomic grip design, the Precisionrap system can easily be held in front of or behind an operator and reduces the amount of bending required to fully wrap a pallet.


After the hands-on demonstration, the Food Processor switched their existing hand wrap to Precisionrap. This knowledge-based, impactful solution has helped the Processor increase productivity and throughput, reduce stretch film waste, improve containment and ensure a safe wrapping process for employees.

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Increased Productivity and Throughput

The efficient Precisionrap system greatly improved the Processor's hand wrapping process. The ability to walk forward and the enhanced ergonomics allow employees to wrap skids faster with less effort. The Processor's employees can complete more tasks per shift, increasing productivity and maximizing labour.

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Increased Health and Safety

The Precisionrap hand wrap system offers operators an ergonomic alternative to traditional hand wrapping methods. Employees can wrap skids while standing in an upright position. This reduces the risk of back strains and repetitive motion injuries. The easy to use Precisionrap handle enables operators to walk forward with no need to apply added stretch while applying the stretch film. This reduces the effort required to effectively wrap a skid and ensures operator safety.

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Improved Load Containment and Reduced Damages

The easy to use Precisionrap dispenser improves the wrapping process for the operator and the load. The pre-stretched film rolls receive an additional 35% stretch which further increases the films containment. Before the introduction of the Precisionrap system, the Processor's containment rate would vary based on the employee. The 35% stretch rate ensures the Processor's skids are consistently wrapped and reduces damages during transportation.

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Reduced Stretch Film Waste and Consumption

The pre-stretched, coreless stretch film rolls used by the Precisionrap system has greatly reduced wasted film. The improved stretch rate of the Precisionrap system optimizes film use, reducing the amount of film used per skid. The ergonomic Precisionrap handle protects the roll at all times and the magnetic attachments make storage simple. The reusable plastic core eliminates the need to dispose of the core at the end of each roll.

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