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Case Study: Food Processor


A food processor in Toronto, Ontario had growing concerns about losing product due to poor pallet wrapping. From the company’s perspective, the only way to mitigate the risk of product loss was to over-wrap the pallets. This was costing them more money per pallet, as well as generating unnecessary waste.

After seeing their packaging process in action, and noticing the over-wrapped pallets, a Crawford Packaging Specialist knew that a new solution was needed. In order to offer the best solution, the Specialist reached out to a trusted supplier. After consulting with the company and supplier rep, it was decided that a high-performance film would solve the problem.

An audit for the film was conducted, running tests on their stretch wrapper. Not only did the Axis greatly outperform the old film in pre-stretch, but it provided much better force to load and a much more secure pallet containment. In projections, it’s estimated that the new film will reduce the company’s consumption by at least 15% — that means a lower cost-per-pallet and greater savings.

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A Toronto, Ontario food processing company had a problem — one that came in the form of wasteful stretch-wrap packaging. The fear of product loss was leading the company to over-wrap their pallets, resulting in over-consumption and a high cost-per-pallet. The company was aware of the issue and knew that a change needed to happen, but weren’t sure where to turn for a better solution.


During regular visits to the food processor, a Crawford Packaging Specialist took notice of the inefficiencies in their packaging process. The Specialist knew that a higher-performance film with better pre-stretch would be the ideal solution that would save money and reduce consumption. After consulting with Crawford’s manufacturer’s rep, and agreeing to run tests on the processor’s stretch-wrap machines, it was decided that high-performance film was the product of choice.


Stretch Film

Designed to offer high load containment with thin gauge, Crawford offers industry-leading stretch film. Providing puncture resistance, enhanced pre-stretch, and expert cling, high-performance offers best-in-class packaging results.

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Reduced Damage

The client’s containment was improved significantly, therefore reducing the probability of damages during shipping.

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Reduced Waste

By moving from a 47 gauge film to a 41 gauge, the amount of waste was reduced by 10%. This was done without sacrificing wrap quality or containment strength.

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Reduced Consumption

Also due to the change in film gauge and strength, consumption was reduced by 15% annually. This is estimated to save the food processor considerably on per-pack costs.

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