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Preventing Pallet Collapse with Perforated Stretch Film and Wrap It Right

Case Study: Food Processor


Crawford Packaging recently worked with a Food Processor located in the London Area to improve their stretch film packaging. The Food Processor’s packaging facility packages eggs for retail distribution. The Food Processor was experiencing a high rate of pallet collapse. Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Food Processor’s facility for a free packaging consultation. The consultation was a part of the Crawford's Wrap It Right program's commitment to continuous improvement. Following the consultation, the Packaging Specialist identified two possible options for the Food Processors consideration. With Crawford’s support, the Food Processor switched to a perforated stretch film that will greatly reduce their risk of pallet collapse.

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A Food Processor that sorts and packages eggs were experiencing a high rate of pallet collapse on their long logistic routes. The collapse was caused by condensation that formed when cool eggs were placed in the warmer containers. The containers were palletized and wrapped by hand or by a stretch wrapper. Once the collection of eggs was wrapped, the condensation produced by each carton was trapped inside the stretch wrap film. The condensation weakened the stability of the Food Processor’s packaging, resulting in a costly cascade of eggs.


Crawford Packaging had previously worked with the Food Processor to install and service their stretch wrappers. As a part of Crawford’s Wrap It Right program, a Packaging Specialist visited their facility for a stretch wrap audit. During the audit, the Packaging Specialist identified two solutions. Each solution would help reduce the Food Processor’s pallet collapse issue.

The first solution was to modify the Food Processor’s existing stretch wrap equipment to use a rope wrapping system. However, due to the Food Processor’s packaging standards, stretch wrap roping was not an option.

The second solution was for the Food Processor to switch to a perforated stretch film. This film uses die-cut holes to increase airflow while maintaining the containment strength of a traditional stretch film. The Food Processor tested the new perforated film in their packaging line for two weeks.

What is Roping?

Roping with stretch wrap requires a small modification to the stretch wrappers film carriage. After the stretch wrap film has passed through the pre-stretch rollers, it is compressed. This forms a rope like length of film which is wrapped around the pallet. This method offers the same stability, if not more, of regular stretch film applications, but allows for the load to breath.


Crawford’s Wrap It Right Program

Crawford Packaging’s Wrap It Right program is aimed at reducing packagers stretch film costs. Film savings are generated through the analysis of existing stretch film process and identifying ways to reduce the costs associated with poor stretch wrap performance. This can include improved product protection, increased throughput and reduced film consumption and waste. These factors combine to provide packagers with increased production speeds, reduced damages and a lower cost per pallet wrapped.

Perforated Stretch Wrap Film

Air-Flow Premium perforated stretch film uses die-cut holes to increase airflow and breathing capabilities. The strong plastic film offers incredible strength and is capable of being applied with standard pre-stretch equipment. The flexible plastic film works similar to stretch netting but can be run on standard stretch wrap equipment. The perforated stretch film is an optimal stretch film solution for temperature sensitive packaging situations.

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Following the trial period, the Food Processor adopted the Air-Flow perforated stretch film for both hand and machine film. This knowledge-based, impactful packaging solution has helped increase stretch wrapping productivity. The solutions ability to prevent moisture buildup has helped the food processor to reduce pallet collapse, preventing costly waste.

20%+ Cost Savings

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Increased Packaging Productivity

The reduction in pallet collapse has allowed the Food Processors employees to better focus their efforts. Packaging staff can now focus on packaging and shipping more products. The perforated stretch film has greatly reduced the Food Processor time and resources spent on replacement damaged products.

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Reduced Labour Costs

With a significant reduction in pallet collapses the Food Processor is able to better utilize their employees. Employees spend less time sorting through products for salvage, or re-wrap skids that have lost their containment integrity.

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Reduced Waste

The reduction in pallet collapse has directly resulted in a large reduction of waste. Fewer pallet collapses mean’s fewer lost eggs for the Food Processor. It also means that the Food Processor no longer has to repackage and re-wrap skids. This has helped them to greatly reduce their stretch film consumption rates.

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