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Reducing Stretch Wrap Consumption With Wrap It Right

Case Study: General Manufacturer


A general manufacturer in Mississauga was wasting time and money due to an outdated stretch wrapper. With little or no pre-stretch, the strength loss per load can be double or triple what it should be. On top of that, the force-to-load containment is very minimal — putting the cargo at risk. Also, with each shipment needing to be weighed before delivery, pallets were getting double handled when moved from the stretch wrapper to a scale.

After reviewing the manufacturer’s packaging process with a Wrap It Right audit, a Crawford Packaging specialist identified a solution to their problem. By using a Lantech Q300 — outfitted with a scale option — the manufacturer could pre-stretch film and weigh the pallets all on one system at the same time.

Because the Lantech stretch wrapper pre-stretches film 200%, the manufacturer saw significant savings on stretch film, as well as a greater assurance that shipments would be more secure than with the previous method. With the added benefit of the built-in scale, the manufacturer also cut down on labour by eliminating double-handling.

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An outdated stretch wrapper was not only slowing down a Mississauga manufacturer’s production — it was also putting their shipments at risk of damage. Since the stretch wrapper wasn’t capable of pre-stretch, pallets were at risk of shifting during transport. Double handling was also a problem, as pallets had to be moved from the stretch wrapper to a scale before being ready for shipment.

wulftec sml 150 turntable stretch wrapper with safety barriers


Crawford’s Packaging Specialist arrived on site with a goal in mind: find a way to close these gaps in efficiency for the manufacturer. Soon after conducting the audit, it was recommended that a Lantech Q300 with a scale option would be the right fit. This would allow for an all-in-one process that would speed up throughput and reduce waste and labour. To prove that the concept would work, a no-charge trial was arranged.


Wrap It Right

Wrap It Right audits and reviews existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap It Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through standardization of stretch film practices. Through Wrap It Right, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs.

LANTECH Q-300 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

This Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrap machine is easily adaptable to any application. Because of its simplicity, there’s no maintenance needed on the turntable because of its lubricated-for-life sealed bearings.


After installing the Lantech, the general manufacturer quickly noticed big improvements in its packaging process and quality. Thanks to the 200% pre-stretch on the film, not only did pallets take less film to pack, but shipments were also more secure. As an added benefit that catered directly to the manufacturer’s needs, the Lantech’s built-in scale eliminated the need for double handling.

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Increased Productivity

Previously, pallet double handling was slowing down packaging time and putting shipments at risk. Now, productivity has soared thanks to the Lantech’s all-in-one platform.

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Reduced Stretch Film Waste

The 200% pre-stretch applied means that far less film is required to wrap pallets. That means lower consumption and higher profits.

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