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Optimizing an Existing Stretch Wrapper with Guardian Stretch Film

Case Study: Food Processor


A food processor located in Guelph, Ontario, was experiencing less than satisfactory results from their stretch wrap machine. The customer was using a thin gauge stretch film on a stretch wrapper that slowed down the machine and consumed high amounts of film.

A Crawford Packaging Specialist performed a Wrap It Right audit in to discover the inefficiencies of the current stretch wrapping process. The Packaging Specialist noted that the customer was using too thin of a film which would cause issues with their stretch wrap machine.

After the Wrap It Right audit, the Packaging Specialist suggested Guardian 90 stretch film, and the customer saw immediate benefits. The new stretch film allowed for less top and bottom wraps as well as reduced the cycle time by 60 seconds. Crawford Packaging also reduced the film usage per pallet from 9.4oz of film to 6.3oz.

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The Food Processor was using a thin gauge stretch film on a high-speed automatic stretch wrap machine. The thin gauge stretch film caused the stretch wrapper to run slower than normal. The Food Processor used an excessive amount of film to gain the correct load containment levels. The Food Processor wanted to wrap pallets faster and extend the life of the stretch wrapper based on fewer rotations.


A Crawford Packaging Specialist visited the customer's facility and conducted an in-depth Wrap It Right audit. The Wrap It Right audit works with clients to review their current stretch film practices and recognize inefficiencies. The Packaging Specialist also carried out multiple film trials on site to see which film would work best for the Food Processor’s application. The Food Processor was involved with all trials and immediately saw the benefits of using a different stretch film with their current stretch wrap machine.


Wrap It Right

Wrap It Right audits and reviews existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap It Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through standardization of stretch film practices. Through Wrap It Right, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs.

Guardian G90 Stretch Film

Crawford Guardian is Crawford’s private brand of packaging products. Crawford Guardian is designed to ensure clients receive the best packaging products in the industry. Custom manufactured to our specifications and standards, these packaging products are the best in class and meet or exceed accepted packaging standards.

Crawford Packaging suggested a thicker gauge film which allowed for the machine settings to be changed. The Guardian 90 stretch film would use less top and bottom wraps and allow for a faster roll carriage. The thicker stretch wrap also allowed for a reduction in the number of total wraps.

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After the hands-on demonstration, the Food Processor switched their existing stretch wrap to Guardian G90. This knowledge-based, impactful solution has helped the Food Processor increase efficiency and reduce consumption of their stretch wrapping.

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Increased Productivity and Throughput

The stretch wrapper cycle time was reduced by 60 seconds which makes the wrapping process faster. This also allows for more pallets to be wrapped per hour/per shift. The Guardian 90 stretch film allowed for a reduction in total wraps from 22 to 13 per wrap cycle.

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Reduced Stretch Film Waste and Consumption

Crawford Packaging was able to successfully reduce the film usage per pallet from 9.4oz of film to 6.3oz per pallet.  This will decrease the Food Processor's stretch film costs.

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