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Reducing Stretch Film Cost and Consumption with Guardian G70 Machine Film

Case Study: Food Processor


Crawford Packaging recently worked with a food processor located in Cambridge, Ontario to reduce their stretch film consumption. The Food Processor experienced load containment issues and had to increase the number of revolutions in the wrapping cycle. The increase in wraps was driving up the Food Processor’s stretch wrap consumption and costs.

Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Food Processor’s facility to perform a free packaging consultation and Wrap It Right audit. The consultation identified the Processor’s areas of inefficiency and provided new solutions. Crawford’s G70 Guardian Stretch Film proved to be a viable solution because of its increased strength. Following a strong trial period, the Food Processor replaced their existing stretch wrap with Crawford’s Guardian stretch film.

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A Food Processor had been experiencing high rates of stretch wrap film consumption. The increased consumption was a result of the Processor’s attempt to fix a previous stretch wrap problem. The Food Processor had previously been experiencing incidents of pallet collapse. The collapses were occurring due to low stretch film containment and to correct the issue, the Food Processor had increased the wraps per cycle on their stretch wrappers. The increased number of wraps was driving up the Food Processor’s consumption rates, increasing their packaging costs.


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Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Food Processor’s facility to conduct a Wrap It Right consultation. During the review, the Packaging Specialist noted they were using high amounts of stretch film and low-tension rates of the stretch wrappers increased film consumption. This was resulting in a large number of roll changes, reducing productivity. These factors were driving up the Food Processor’s stretch film consumption rates and their per pack costs.

After completing their initial audit, the Packaging Specialist recommended the Food Processor test Crawford’s Guardian Stretch Film. The test would place Crawford’s Guardian Stretch Film against the Processor’s existing 55-gauge film.

To perform the test, the Packaging Specialist used one of the Food Processor’s skids that would be wrapped on a regular basis. The skid was wrapped with the Food Processor’s stretch wrap equipment to test their existing stretch film against Guardian G60 and G70 Stretch Film. Once wrapped, the stretch films were tested for containment strength and the weight of the film.

Crawford’s Guardian machine stretch films outperformed the Food Processor’s existing stretch film and the Guardian G70 proved to be the right solution.


Wrap It Right

Wrap It Right audits and reviews existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap It Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through standardization of stretch film practices. Through Wrap It Right, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs.

Crawford Guardian G70 Machine Film

Crawford Guardian is Crawford’s private brand of packaging products. Crawford Guardian is designed to ensure clients receive the best packaging products in the industry. Custom manufactured to our specifications and standards, these packaging products are the best in class and meet or exceed accepted packaging standards.

Crawford Guardian G70 film is an ultra-premium machine stretch film with one-sided cling for easy handling and loading. This film provides excellent optics and can offer up to 300% pre-stretch to provide maximum stretch capabilities. Due to the advanced quality and strength, this 55-gauge film can offer the same containment capabilities of a standard 70-gauge film.

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This knowledge-based, impactful solution has helped the Food Processor reduce stretch film consumption. The lower consumption rates have increased productivity and throughput and reduced stretch film costs.

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Reduced Stretch Film Consumption

The superior stretch film strength offered by Crawford’s Guardian stretch film allowed the Food Processor to increase the tension in their wrap cycles. The higher tension rates increase the films stretch and length. The increased stretch reduced the annual film purchases made by the Food Processor by 18%.

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Increased Productivity and Throughput

The durability of Crawford’s Guardian films allowed the Food Processor to increase the number of pallets wrapped per roll of film. This is a result of the Food Processor’s reduced film consumption. The added stretch has helped to increase the number of skids wrapped per roll from 162 to 308, a 90% increase.

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Reduced Per Pallet Cost

With each skid using less film, the Food Processor reduced their per pallet costs by 11.8% which results in an annual cost savings of over $3,700 for the Food Processor.

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