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Reducing waste and Improving Stretch Wrap Efficiency for a Warehousing and Logistics Provider

Case Study: Warehousing and Logistics Provider

pallets in warehouse packed with stretch film wrap


Crawford Packaging was contacted by a Warehousing and Logistics Provider looking to improve their existing stretch wrap solution. The Provider had a hand applied stretch wrap film that experienced a high rate of containment failure. Hand wrapping their skids was challenging for employees due to the variety of product types. Due to the odd shapes of their loads, employees were unable to achieve a consistent stretch rate for their hand-applied film.

Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Warehousing and Logistics Provider’s facility to perform a free packaging consultation. The consultation assessed the Provider’s existing packaging process and stretch wrapping materials. The Packaging Specialist noted the Provider’s high volume of pallets and challenging pallet profile. This lead the Packaging Specialist to advise moving to a semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper. This stretch wrapper would allow the Provider to increase the dependability of their containment, improve film consumption and reduce stretch wrapping time.

man in warehousing wrapping pallet by hand with green stretch wrap


A Warehouse and Logistics Provider was experiencing high containment failure by manually hand stretch wrapping their skids. Due to the inconsistent shape and load profiles, employees using this method were unable to establish strong containment. When a film stretches it becomes rigid and less pliable. This strength is what forms the containment force for the load. The inability to create a consistent stretch was resulting in the over application of the stretch film. As films are stretched they become longer, if the stretch film is not stretching the required amount, more material is applied per foot.


A Crawford Packaging Specialist visited the Provider’s facility and performed a comprehensive free packaging consultation. The Specialist reviewed the Provider’s existing stretch wrapping practices and packaging goals. The Provider’s goal was to reduce damages and improve their stretch wrapping efficiencies. Following the consultation, the Packaging Specialist performed a stretch film audit on a variety of loads of the Provider's product. The Packaging Specialist demonstrated how the Warehousing and Logistics Provider’s existing hand wrap system under performed. The inconsistent load profile of their product was making it difficult for hand applied film to stretch and develop the need containment force.

Following the stretch film audit, the Packaging Specialist discussed the option of replacing their hand wrapping system with a stretch wrapper. The Producer’s Facility Manager had worked with stretch wrap equipment previously and requested a turntable stretch wrapper. The Packaging Specialist explained why a turntable wrapper was not the best fit. Due to the light weight of the loads, the turntable would prove ineffective. In the instance of light loads, a turntable wrapper can often cause a load shift during the wrapping process. In a worst-case scenario, the centrifugal force created could cause products to be thrown from the load. For this reason, the Packaging Specialist advised that a Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper was the best fit.


Lantech S-300 Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech Model S-300 stretch wrapper is a heavy-duty machine that offers great versatility when stretch wrapping pallets. This Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper is designed for working with loads that are very heavy or light. The S-300 is also a perfect solution for unstable loads that could not be rotated on a traditional turntable stretch wrapper. With the ability to wrap 25-35 loads an hour and pre-stretch film capabilities up to 250%, this wrapper was the perfect solution for the Providers stretch wrapping issues.

Crawford Guardian G60 Machine Film

Crawford Guardian is Crawford’s private brand of products. Crawford Guardian is designed to ensure our clients receive the best packaging products in the industry. Custom manufactured to our specifications and standards, these packaging products are the best in class and meet or exceed accepted packaging standards.

Crawford Guardian G60 film is an ultra-premium stretch film with one-sided cling for easy handling and loading. This film provides excellent optics and can offer up to 300% pre-stretch to provide maximum stretch capabilities. Due to the advanced quality and strength, this 49-gauge film can offer the same containment capabilities of a standard 60-gauge film.


This knowledge-based, impactful packaging solution has helped the Warehousing and Logistics Provider achieve strong load containment. They have reduced their product damage rates while simultaneously reducing wrap time and film consumption.

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Increased Throughput

With the addition of the semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper, the Provider increased their stretch wrapping productivity and throughput. Previously it took the Provider an average of 1:40 to complete a skid. The Lantech S-300 can complete a skid in 1:00 flat. A 40% reduction in wrap time.

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Reduced Shipping Damages

With the consistent rate of stretch created by the S-300, the Provider has been able to greatly reduce their damage rates. Backed by the strength of Crawford Guardian G60 film the Provider’s loads are more stable and better secured. This ensures a load will arrive at its destination intact.

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Reduced Labour Costs

The improved productivity of the S-300 rotary arm stretch wrapper has enabled the Provider to better use his workforce. Previously multiple employees were used to hand wrap their skids. With the productivity of the S-300, now a single employee manages the wrapping station. The employee initiates all the Provider’s wrap cycles and is then able to perform another task as it completes. The other employees that were needed for wrapping have since been reallocated to alternate areas of the Producer’s operation.

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Reduced Waste

The increased stretch capabilities of the Lantech S-300 has helped the Provider to reduce the amount of stretch film used per load. The ability to consistently stretch their film for their application by 220% has greatly improved the Provider’s film efficiency. The average stretch rate provided by their old hand wrapping process was only 80%. The extended pre-stretch capabilities allow the Provider to make their 8000 ft film roll extend to 25,600 ft in length. This stretch means that less raw material is required to wrap each skid.

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