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Increasing Savings Through Consolidation and Improvement of Stretch Film Practices

Case Study: Third Party Logistic Provider


Crawford Packaging was contacted by a Logistics Provider who wanted to consolidate their stretch films across all branches. The Logistics Provider also wanted to improve their existing hand and machine stretch film practices. The provider sought a partner who could improve stretch wrap standardization and provide value added ideas to improve their packaging solution.

Crawford’s Packaging Specialist performed a stretch film Blueprint and Analysis on the Providers locations. The analysis aimed to assess how each location was using their stretch film. When finished, the Packaging Specialist had a complete understanding of the Providers stretch film practices. Following the packaging analysis, the Packaging Specialist performed a Wrap It Right test in 3 of the Provider's locations. After test were complete the Packaging Specialist was able to consolidate eighteen different hand films and four machine films to two Crawford Packaging stretch films.

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A National Logistics Provider was in search of a partner who would be able to consolidate their stretch films across their locations in Canada. The Provider was experiencing poor stretch film processes and inconsistent wrapping practices. This was resulting in a high rate of stretch film consumption. The fluctuating wrap standards resulted in inconsistent load containment and damages during shipping.


Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited three of the Providers locations to perform Wrap It Right test. During the audits, the Packaging Specialists measured and analyzed the clients existing wrap process and standards. The analysis reviewed load containment, cost-per-load, productivity and consumption rates. The tests were performed at the Providers facilities, under real life conditions and with the supervision of the Director of Health & Safety and General Manager. Once the process was completed, the results were presented at the Annual Meeting for the Providers General Managers.


Through the Wrap It Right program, the Packaging Specialist was able to consolidate the client’s stretch film products.

The Logistics Provider’s hand films were replaced with the efficient Precisionrap hand film system. Precisionrap is the most effective portable hand dispenser and film solution on the market today. With a patented eco-friendly design, Precisionrap uses pre-stretched coreless stretch film rolls. An easy to use hand dispenser ensure a consistent 35% rate. The easy to hold dispenser is designed to protect your stretch wrap and can be stored in a multitude of ways between wrapping jobs. The ergonomic grip design can easily be held in front of or behind an operator. and reduces the amount of bending required to fully wrap a pallet.

The Logistics Provider’s machine stretch films were consolidated into one Premium Machine Stretch Film. The 55-gauge Premium Stretch Film uses high-quality resins for improved strength at a lower gauging. This film offers increased strength and load retention improving wrap quality while using less raw material per foot. Increased roll lengths improve wrapping productivity and packaging throughput by increasing the number of pallets wrapped between stretch wrapper roll changes.


This knowledge-based packaging solution has helped the client streamline and focus their stretch film practices, with stretch film orders consolidated company wide. This allows for better control and measurement of stretch film consumption and improved inventory management. This standardization has led to more efficient stretch wrap use reducing the number of wraps required per skid wrapped. The improved wrapping practices and consistent stretch wrap containment has improved load stability across the Provider's locations reducing the risk of damages during transport. The Provider has seen an increase in stretch wrap throughput for both hand wrapped and machine wrapped pallets. The Precisionrap system has helped the Provider to increase hand wrapping efficiency and productivity while minimizing strain on employees. The ergonomic handle requires less bending while wrapping and allows employees to walk both forwards or backward while wrapping pallets.

These stretch wrap practice improvements have helped the Logistics Provider to save 8% on their stretch wrap purchasing with an estimated savings of $45,000 annually.

These stretch wrap practice improvements have helped the Logistics Provider to save 8% on their stretch wrap purchasing with an estimated savings of $45,000 annually.

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