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Unboxing with Korrvu Retention

Case Study: Third Party Logistics Provider


A Crawford Packaging client who ships expensive computer components and devices contacted their Packaging Specialist with a packaging emergency. The client needed to source packaging for shipping a large order of iPads. The packaging needed to provide a secure, protective package that did not negatively affect the consumers unboxing experience. Crawford’s Packaging Specialist consulted with our protective packaging partner Sealed Air to determine the most effective packaging solution. With such high value products and a desire to provide customers with an exciting unboxing experience the decision was made to test Sealed Air’s Korrvu Retention packaging system.

iPad in Sealed Air Korrvu Retention Packaging


The key problem that was being presented by our client was the ability to source strong, reliable protective packaging quickly. Many types of protective packaging require in depth engineering and design to develop the perfect fit. Therefore, the development and testing periods for this packaging can be long and fairly expensive and the end result can be complicated and time consuming to use. Our customer was in a position where these extensive, custom packaging options were not possible.


Our Packaging Specialist contacted our protective packaging partner Sealed Air with the customers problem and limited development time. Sealed Air and Crawford assessed the clients packaging needs and found that they could provide the client with an easy, fast and effective means to package and protect their iPads. Sealed Air provided samples of their Korrvu Retention packaging for the client to test.

Sealed Air Korrvu Retention Packaging


Korrvu Retention packaging is an out of the box system that does not require additional void fill materials. The Korrvu Retention system uses a corrugate frame and a stretchable film that pulls taught during the packing process. This film applies pressure to the product, holding down and preventing it from moving inside the box. Korrvu Retention packaging’s select or standard program is available in a variety of sizes that are perfect for protecting fragile or delicate products of almost any dimension. Due to their standard sizes, Korrvu Retention packaging can be ordered in small batch sizes and eliminates set up charges needed for custom sizing. Korrvu Retention packaging also meets the growing demand from consumers for curb side recyclable packaging. Korrvu Retention is easily recyclable through your local paper waste program. The minimal size and flat profile requires less storage and disposal space.


Our client was impressed with how simple it was to use as well as how great the packaging looked during the unboxing process. The easy to use packaging offers an easy product unboxing and an improved customer experience by allowing them to see their purchase once the box is opened. The clear retention film holds the customers purchase in the center of the box and they’re able to see that their product arrived in tact before even touching it. This knowledge based packaging solution helped our client reduce the required storage space for their packaging and improve their customer experience, by reducing product damages during shipment and eliminating wasteful packaging and replacing it with the recyclable Korrvu Retention system. The readily available sizes in the Korrvu select/standard programs reduces the wait time for sourcing packaging making sure they are able meet their demanding delivery schedule.

Sealed Air Korrvu Retention packaging

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