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Improving Stretch Wrap Productivity and Consumption with Wrap It Right

Case Study: Food Processor


Crawford Packaging recently assisted a Food Processor located in the Greater Toronto Area with updating their ageing stretch wrapper. The Food Processor’s stretch wrappers were outdated and at the end of the life cycle. Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Food Processor’s facility to conduct a free packaging consultation as part of Crawford’s Wrap It Right program. Following the analysis, the Packaging Specialist advised the Food Processor that they could reduce their stretch film consumption by up to 50% with a new stretch wrapper. With Crawford’s support, the Food Processor upgraded their stretch wrapping to include a new Wulftec SML-150 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper.

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A Food Processor who specializes in creating flavorful sauces and spices was spending large amounts on their stretch wrap packaging. The Food Processor was running three packaging lines each equipped with an old turntable stretch wrapper. Their wrappers were functional, but the Food Processor noticed a significant increase in their stretch wrap costs. Slowed throughput, stretch film waste and regular machine downtime was further impacting the Food Processor’s productivity and driving up costs. As an existing Crawford Packaging client, the Food Processor contacted their Packaging Specialist for assistance.


Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Food Processor’s facility to discuss their stretch film challenges. While performing a Wrap It Right analysis, the Packaging Specialist noted that the Food Processor was only achieving a 125% stretch rate with their existing stretch film.

What is Stretch Rate?

Stretch rate is the additional length that a stretch wrapper creates by lengthening or stretching the film. As the film stretches it loses some of its malleability, lessening its ability to stretch when the wrapped load shifts

Following the Wrap It Right analysis, the Packaging Specialist recommended testing alternate stretch films. The test looked to identify another film that may perform better on the Food Processor’s equipment. When the film test proved unsuccessful, the Packaging Specialist informed the Food Processor that the issues were created from their outdated wrappers.

Based on the customer’s existing packaging speeds, the Packaging Specialist provided the Food Processor with detailed costs and return on investment (R.O.I.) analysis of purchasing a new stretch wrapper. The analysis included a look at the Food Processor’s projected production levels and the stretch film used to wrap them. A new stretch wrap system would immediately save the Food Processor an estimated 50% on stretch wrap.

Following the assessment, the Food Processor trialed a new semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper in one of their packaging lines.


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Wrap It Right

Wrap It Right audits and reviews existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap It Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through standardization of stretch film practices. Through Wrap It Right, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs.

Wulftec SML 150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

The Wulftec SML 150 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper can stretch wrap 55 loads per hour. SML 150 offers an efficient alternative to slower hand wrapping solutions. It is a low-profile, octagonal base turntable stretch wrapper that is ideal for facilities that require a wrapper with a small footprint. The SML-150 uses a 20” No-Thread pre-stretch carriage with a dual chain lift that is signalled by an auto height sensing photo-eye. 

Following the seven-day trial, the Food Processor added a Wulftec SML-150 to one of their three packaging lines. The Food Processor has also been working with Crawford Packaging to develop a Buy It Right plan to update their other lines.


This knowledge-based, impactful solution has helped the Food Processor drastically reduce their stretch film consumption. The new equipment will help the Food Processor save an estimated $18,000 on stretch film annually, per updated line. The new semi-automatic turntable stretch wrappers have also helped the Food Processor improve their throughput rates and run a more efficient packaging line.

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Increased Productivity

The new stretch wrappers have helped the Food Processor greatly improve their packaging line productivity and throughput. The new Wulftec SML-150’s decreased the time it takes to wrap a skid. This has helped the Food Processor wrap more skids throughout the day than previously possible.

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Reduced Labour Costs

With the newly updated line operating at a higher rate of stretch, the Food Processor has been experiencing fewer roll changes throughout the day. The new Wulftec SML-150 has doubled the old stretch rate, increasing from 125% stretch to 250%. The increased stretch rate also allows for more skids to be wrapped per roll. This has extended the Food Processors machine runtime between film roll changeovers. The new equipment has also eliminated the Food Processor’s downtime and requires less regular attention from their maintenance teams.

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Reduced Consumption

The new Wulftec SML-150 has increased the Food Processor’s stretch rates from 125% to 150%. This 100% increase in stretch efficiency results in 50% less film used per skid wrapped. This helps to cut the Food Processor’s stretch wrap use, and costs, by 50%. This will result in an estimated savings of $18,000 annually for each line that is installed with a new stretch wrapper.

The new equipment will help the Food Processor save an estimated $18,000 on stretch film annually, per updated line

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