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Using A Cost-Per-Load Audit To Determine Savings

Case Study: Food Processor


A Toronto food processing company was unknowingly losing money on ineffective stretch wrap. As a direct result of this old stretch wrap process, waste was high and throughput was low due to inconsistencies.

After a preliminary review, a Crawford Packaging Specialist suggested a Wrap It Right audit to identify potential savings. The audit showed that the film being used was not optimized for pre-stretch, meaning that more film was being used for a less secure pallet wrap. Also, the specialist did an assessment of the food processor’s cost-per-pack — something the company had never even considered. Once calculated, it was revealed that the suggested film, Crawford Guardian G70, would drastically improve the savings on each pallet.

Upon making the change to the G70, the company realized an 8-10% reduction in film use. For their packaging needs, that resulted in a $20-30K annual film savings. Secondly, their pallet containment has been vastly improved, ensuring a safer product during delivery.

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Ineffective stretch wrap was costing a Toronto food processor money — but they didn’t realize it. While their stretch wrap machines had the capability to pre-stretch film, the film they were using wasn’t providing optimal pre-stretch. That resulted in wasted film and unsecured pallets.


A Crawford Packaging Specialist, after reviewing the packaging process, decided that a Wrap It Right audit was needed. Once given approval, the assessment revealed that changing to Crawford Guardian G70 film would improve load containment and reduce film waste. The audit also showed that the cost-per-pack could be lowered, helping savings on each pallet being shipped.


Wrap It Right

Wrap It Right audits and reviews existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap It Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through standardization of stretch film practices. Through Wrap It Right, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs.


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Reduced Stretch Film Waste

Thanks to pre-stretch’s strength, there is far less waste on film as a result of tearing or ripping.

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Reduced Consumption

The G70 can be pre-stretched up to 250%, meaning that your company uses far less film while gaining better load containment.

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Increased Throughput

Since pallets have better load containment with fewer wraps, the food processor is able to move faster without the risk of errors in the process.

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