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Frequently Asked Questions at the CPMA Trade Show and Convention

crawford packaging booth at cpma 2017 with rolls of packaging film and shrink wrap machine

Crawford Packaging has been attending and exhibiting at the annual CPMA convention since 2010. In that time, we have learned a lot, and wanted to pass some of that knowledge along to the new attendees this year.

1. What is the CPMA Convention?

The 2018 CPMA is the annual convention & trade show is CPMA’s keystone event and Canada’s largest event dedicated to the fruit and vegetable industry. It offers a unique forum for industry leaders to enhance business opportunities in Canada.

2. How Many People Attend CPMA?

In 2017 the CPMA show welcomed more than 4000 visitors onto the show floor. They came from a variety of industries and from 33 different countries.

3. How Many Exhibitors Are There?

In 2017 the CPMA Convention set a record with 576 exhibition spaces on the trade show, representing more than 300 companies. In total between Exhibitors and Attendees, there were more than 1200 different companies represented.

4. Will There Be New Exhibitors?

The 2017 Convention saw exhibits from 45 members who were new to the CPMA. So, there is a fairly good chance you will see something or meet someone new!

5. Where Do All These People Come From?

Good question! The CPMA has representatives from companies around the world attend. They come from areas as far as Europe, Asia, Africa and the South Americas.

crawford packaging booth at pma with an RGD flow wrap machine and top seal machines

6. Are There Special Events and Activities?

Yes, there are lots of interesting things to do before, after and during the convention times. There is an award show and new product showcases, a retail tour of the local area and a host of speakers and panels. If you’re a runner, consider the Freggie 5K Fun Run or 2K walk. One of our favorite events is the Hockey Classic and 3-on-3 tournament.

7. Do You Have Any Tips for First Time CPMA Convention Attendees?

Wear comfy shoes! Our Packaging Specialists have told us how important this is to a successful show. You will be on your feet most of the day, and comfortable shoes are a must!

8. Should I Bring Food or Something to Drink?

There are lots of Exhibitors who provide delicious samples of their products. So if you like to snack on fruits and veggies, you’re in luck!

9. How Many Times Has Crawford Attended the CPMA Event?

Crawford Packaging has been attending the CPMA since 2010, but this will be our second year as an exhibitor.

10. What Does Crawford Packaging Do for Produce Growers and Packers?

Crawford Packaging works with Growers and Packers to help develop and implement effective produce packaging solutions. Our solutions aim to increase shelf life and reduce the costs associated with packaging and shipping fresh produce.

We are the only turn-key, full-service packaging equipment and consumable wholesaler in Canada. Our expert Produce Team works hard to ensure our clients receive the best quality equipment and materials by developing meaningful partnerships with leading manufacturers across the globe.

sam campson automation manager with visitor at pma booth in front of rgd flow wrap machine

11. What Types of Equipment Does Crawford Work With?

We offer our clients a full range of produce packaging and automation solutions to assist with everything form unitization to palletization. Some of our leading produce equipment are:

12. What Will Be at Crawford's Booth?

This year at the CPMA Convention we will be showcasing and highlighting our diverse line of packaging films. These include flow wrap, top sealing and shrink films. We have some really great prints for exhibitors to see and our Produce Team members will be able to help them with any questions they have.

13. Who from Crawford Packaging Will Be at CPMA 2018?

This year we will have four different members of the Produce Team attending the convention.

  • Stuart – Crawford’s Vice-President of Produce Packaging
  • Sam – Crawford’s Produce Automation Manager has been a member of our team for over 9 years.
  • Doug – A Crawford Produce Packaging Specialist with close to 30 years’ experience developing packaging solutions.
  • Patterson – The most recent addition to the Crawford Produce Packaging Sales Team with 7 years of packaging and agronomy experience.

14. How Far Has Crawford Packaging Travelled to Work with a Client?

Crawford Packaging has worked to deliver and service packaging solutions with Growers and Packers in Canada, USA, Mexico and South America.