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We’re Expanding Our Warehouse Facilities in the United States!

States such as Florida and Georgia are at the center of the produce world, being the home for various types of produce that are enjoyed across the continent. As the demand for fresh produce increases, growers and packers need fast, direct, and uncompromising service from packaging suppliers to keep up. Valdosta, Georgia is a strategic placement for Crawford’s new facilities, offering direct access to several neighboring states for quick and efficient service. Located directly on the I-75, Valdosta gives Crawford unrestricted access to the South to ensure that deliveries arrive on time to meet growers needs.

John Ashby, President of Crawford Packaging, sees this as a logical evolution for the Crawford brand as the company continually makes the packaging supply process more efficient.

We continue to grow with our top clients and ensure we remain relevant to them as they grow,” says Ashby. “Our location is strategically placed to efficiently ship product to a number of our top clients who are located in the US southeast.

Stuart Jackson, Vice President of Produce at Crawford Packaging, knows that local is the way of the future — and that Crawford’s position in the south eastern United States will make that future today’s reality.

Locally grown is more and more important to consumers. With this trend, many of our greenhouse customers are locating closer to their customer base.” Jackson explains. “We are excited to get local with them to reduce the carbon footprint in the produce packaging supply chain.”

Taking the combined power of automation and innovative produce packaging, Crawford offers what no one else can: truly customized packaging solutions. The team at Crawford doesn’t just offer products — they offer insight into packaging optimizations backed up by expert service. This new strategic direction for the company will help them leverage this ability in the southern United States and help their customers pack more and spend less.

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