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Increase Branding and Customer Satisfaction with GrowPack Top Sealing Films

GrowPack Lidding Film with bright red and green colouring on the film and cherry tomatoes in the container

Consumers are become more environmentally conscious and are altering their buying habits to include these new values. This has lead the way for a revolution in consumer-focused packaging. Over the past year, multiple brands have announced their goal to improve packaging and offer consumers more sustainable, environmentally friendly products. Brands from large national powerhouses to smaller, independent stores have announced plans to increase sustainable packaging efforts and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

This has been a major driving force in increasing the top sealed, or lidded tray, packaging market. From frozen meals to fresh produce, top seal packaging has opened a range of opportunities for consumer-focused packaging. With the ability to create a package that uses 25% less raw material, it is estimated that top sealing will hold a CAGR of 6.3% between 2017 and 2025.

Our GrowPack lidding films for top sealing equipment offer packers high-quality films, with an assortment of consumer-focused options for improved functionality and increased consumer satisfaction.

GrowPack Lidding Films

Crawford Packaging recently started working with new film partners to increase our film capabilities for our clients. Our locally sourced lidding films are made from PET plastics, with options for film made from renewable and recyclable sources. GrowPack films form strong seals and can be used on a variety of materials including plastic, metal and fibre trays.

High-quality GrowPack Lidding Films offer incredible clarity and can be printed in up to 9 vibrant colours. Create an impactful brand message for your packages and stand out on crowded retail shelves.

Increased Shelf Life

Could you use another couple of days of freshness? How about extra weeks? GrowPack lidding films form complete, hermetic seals allowing for varying levels of atmosphere control. From air controlling micro and macro ventilation to the completely modified atmosphere, GrowPack lidding films help extend produce shelf life and ensure it arrives to market as fresh as the day it was picked.

Other benefits provided to Growers include:

  • Matte or Gloss Finish
  • Custom Fit Designs to Tray Size
  • Center or Corner Pull Options
  • Increased Branding Surface
strawberries and raspberries packed in GrowPack lidding film

Consumer Focused Options to Enhance Usability and Customer Satisfaction

GrowPack lidding films offer more than an environmentally friendly film that looks great. Our films are available with a wide range of consumer-focused options designed to make your package more engaging and user-friendly.

GrowPack Lidding Film Peel and Reseal Technology

Peel and Reseal Films

GrowPack films are available in both single and dual layer resealable designs. Creating a reusable package for your consumer. These packages offer consumers a no-fuss way of washing and storing their fresh produce. Just open the resealable lid, rinse, close and store.

GrowPack Lidding film with tamper evident technology on green coloured lidding film

Increased Product Security

GrowPack films can be equipped with the latest in tamper-evident technologies that let your consumers know your product is safe. Tamper evident seals can be developed for all types of film and seals and display clear indicators if a package has been opened. Let your consumers shop worry free with the enhanced security provided by GrowPack lidding films.