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Crawford Packaging Brings New Advancements to Mushroom Growers and Packers

Crawford Packaging is increasing its offering for growers and packers to include high-quality trays designed for mushroom packaging. New GrowPack™ mushroom trays are readily available and made from PET and PP plastics. GrowPack mushroom trays provide growers with a wide assortment of containers in varying strength, colours and sizes.

GrowPack mushroom trays offer packers outstanding clarity and can be modified to a variety of vibrant colours or tints to reinforce branding. GrowPack mushroom trays offer growers a way to improve product safety and shelf life with sealed packs that use the latest produce film technologies.

GrowPack mushroom containers come in semi-rigid and rigid strengths making them an optimal tray for Overwrapping, Top Seal and Flow Wrap packaging methods. Tray material is engineered to increase strength and flexibility while reducing raw materials. GrowPack mushroom trays are available in over 20 different footprints and 10 different colours. A wide variety of customization options are also available to offer added features and enhance shelf impact.

Green Mushroom Packaging Tray Filled with Fresh Mushrooms
Green Leaf Icon to Represent Decreased Environmental Footprint 

Decreased Environmental Footprint

  • Made with 20-30% Less Material than Standard Trays Currently on Store Shelves
  • Strong Yet Lightweight
  • Made with Recycled PET
Blue Megaphone Icon to Represent Increasing Shelf Impact

Increase Shelf Impact

  • High Clarity
  • Colour or Tint with Pantone Technology
  • Designed to reduce product shift in tray
  • Top Sealable – Customized Top Seal Film
Green Pepper Icon to Represent Increasing Shelf Life

Increase Shelf Life

  • Great Gas and Moisture Barrier
  • Excellent Barrier Properties for Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Hygienic and Safe for Direct Food Contact
  • Reduced Food Colour Change / Waste
  • Resistant to Cracking

To learn more about our available mushroom packaging equipment and products contact your Packaging Specialist at 1-800-265-4993 or info@crawfordpackaging.com today.

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