Introducing Guardian G91 Machine Stretch Film

Crawford Packaging is excited to introduce our newest addition to the Crawford Guardian Family – Guardian G91 Machine Stretch Film; our highest-performance Guardian stretch film to date using up to 30% less materials.

What is Machine Stretch Film?

Machine stretch film is a film that is specifically designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine and is typically utilized in high-volume packaging operations.


Download our flyer for G91 machine stretch film here:

Why G91?

G91 stretch film is Crawford Guardian’s film that utilizes the latest advancements in extrusion equipment & resin technology. Our G91 stretch film works on a wide range of machines, from older models to brand new state-of-the-art machinery.

Benefits of Guardian G91 Stretch Film:

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The Wrap-it-Right Program works with clients to audit and review their existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap-it-Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through the standardization of stretch film practices. Through the Wrap-it-Right program, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs.

What is Guardian?

Crawford Guardian is our private brand of packaging products that are custom manufactured to our exact specifications and high-quality standards.

Crawford Guardian products and programs deliver real solutions with real cost savings, safer work environments, and higher performance standards for our clients. With Crawford Guardian, clients gain the benefit of reliable and consistent packaging performance.

Interested in adopting Guardian G91 Stretch Film into your packaging operation?

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