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Why GrowPack On-the-Go Clamshells Are Perfect for Back to School!

Healthy Snack Packaging Designed for Busy Families

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August is National Back to School Month! This means parents are starting to plan their routines for before, during and after school. At the top of every parent’s checklist is usually snacks and mealtime. Today’s parents are looking for easy and healthy snacks that can fit their family’s busy schedules.

GrowPack On-the-Go Clamshells offer unique snack packaging designs perfect for Growers/Packers targeting the growing healthy snack market. These containers are specifically designed with ease of use and convenience in mind for busy families.

Why Growers/Packers Love GrowPack On-the-Go Clamshells

  1. Variety of container shapes, styles and sizes

  2. Single or multi-pack designs

  3. Increase brand visibility with custom printed labels

  4. Enhance shelf impact with crystal clear plastics

  5. Environmental considerations during the manufacturing process

Why Parents Love GrowPack On-the-Go Clamshells

  1. Wash and store in the same package

  2. Easy opening and closing system

  3. Portioned and multi-snack packs

  4. Fits on-the-go lifestyle

  5. Recyclable

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