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Think Outside the Box: New StealthWrap Shrink Wrap Packaging

At Crawford Packaging we deliver the most advanced packaging solutions on the market today. From lighter, stronger films, to packaging automation solutions, we will improve packaging efficiency and reduce costs.

We have expanded our offering with a revolutionary new shrink wrap packaging system. StealthWrap™ is a new shrink system that will increase product security and reduce packaging material up to 80%. StealthWrap™ offers businesses an opportunity to move away from the traditional box in a box packaging we see in most e-commerce packaging.

stack of four packaged wrapped in sealed air stealthwrap inside packing facility

What is StealthWrap?

StealthWrap™ is a new shrink wrap film that is forcing e-commerce retailers to think outside the box. With a 99.9% opacity, this shrink film offers an ultra-durable alternative to traditional packaging. Retailers no longer need to place CPG boxes into shipping cartons. This eliminates the overpackaging, commonly pointed out in today’s environmentally focused consumer mindset. StealthWrap™ offers users outstanding toughness and tear strength without losing the impact protection provided by traditional packaging methods.

Improve Your Consumer Unboxing Experience

In today's connected markets, providing consumers with a positive unboxing experience is crucial. Positive experiences can promote healthy social sharing and make a big impression on market influencers. StealthWrap™offers consumers a unique, environmentally friendly experience. The easy to use pull tab initiates the unboxing process while the opacity of the film maintains package security. Once the unwrapping process is complete, the consumer has up to 80% less packaging to dispose of over traditional e-commerce packaging.

How Does StealthWrap Work?

StealthWrap™ works just like any other shrink film, it can run on the same shrink wrappers and heat tunnel systems you may already be using. Consumer packaged goods are fed through the wrapper which creates the initial StealthWrap™ film bag. The package them pass through the shrink tunnel where it forms a tight, protective shield around the box. Combine StealthWrap™with the WrapidShield 360 bubble flow wrap system to create 360° protection for your products.

How StealthWrap Saves Money

StealthWrap™ offers a wider variety of benefits for businesses packaging products for shipping.

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Reduce Shipping Costs

Eliminate costly boxes. One roll of StealthWrap™ can eliminate up to 1000 over-pack boxes. By placing a smaller package in a larger shipping box, it uses up more load space. StealthWrap™ helps to optimize shipping space, increasing packagers per load and reducing billable shipping costs by as much as 18%.

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Increased Packaging Speeds

How fast can you fill a box? What if there was no box to fill? The use of StealthWrap™ eliminates the process of packing and bracing your products. Products can simply be fed through a shrink wrapper running the StealthWrap™ film. StealthWrap™ can be used on both manual shrink wrappers like L-Sealer or a fully automated continuous motion shrink wrapper for increased speeds. By eliminating the box and streamlining with StealthWrap™, packaging velocity can increase by as much as 20X the original pace.

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Take Back Your Floor Space and Reduce Packaging Waste

With the ability to eliminate up to 1000 boxes per roll, StealthWrap™ can help you reclaim valuable floor space. Without the need to fill and brace inside the over-pack boxes, more space can be reclaimed by reducing or eliminating the need for secondary packaging materials. This elimination in packaging material can frequently result in an 80% reduction in packaging waste.

Think Outside the Box

Contact one of our highly knowledgeable Packaging Specialist today for a free packaging consultation and discover how StealthWrap™will help you to think outside the box.