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Loveshaw CF-25

Automatic Case Erector

The Loveshaw CF-25 Automatic Case Erector is an industrial grade, high-performance carton erector machine. Designed to form and bottom-seal corrugated cases at speeds up to 15 cases per minute.

Loveshaw Little David CF-25 Automatic Case Erector


  • Production Rate - Standard: Up to 10 cases per minute, High Speed Option: Up to 15 cases per minute, depending on case size and corrugated quality.
  • Small Footprint - patented case flow process enables small footprint
  • Reliable Case Transfer
  • Chain and Lug Drive - Chain and lug drive system ensures case is square during sealing and eliminates slipping and stalling seen in side-belt machines
  • Quick/Easy Changeover - 2-minute case size changeover; requires no tools
  • Erects and bottom seals up to 10 cpm (standard) and 15 cpm (high speed)
  • Interlocking safety gates restrict access to moving parts
  • 150 case powered hopper
  • Pneumatically folds flaps


Power Requirements: 110 volts, 60 cycle, single phase

Air Requirements: 14 SCFM @ 85 psi

    Closure Material: Pressure Sensitive Tape

    Weight: 1100 lbs. (258 kg.), uncrated 

    Case Capacity:

    • Length: 6” - 16”
    • Width: 6” - 14”
    • Height: 4” - 12”