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RGD Mape VR-7

HFFS Flow Wrapper

An RGD Mape VR-7 Flow Wrap Packaging Machine.

The VR-7 is a horizontal flow wrapper with a bottom coil holder. It has five motors and a translating head. It comes equipped with a touch screen and storable programs. It is the top of the range, created to surpass the barriers of the other machines regarding the limits of maximum dimensions of the product.

The VR-7 is ideal for flow wrapping products that are not supported or unstable while being moved along a conveyor.

It is equipped with photocell system technology, which calculates the length of products and then cuts appropriate flow wrap bag length to the read measurements.

The most important characteristic is the type of head cutting/welding mechanism it has. The box motion head cutter operates the blade like a guillotine and then accompanies the product while it welds. The longitudinal weld cuts and overlaps the flow wrap film resulting in an almost invisible edge.

A rotating storage coil holder gathers the leftover film. After wrapping the product, it passes through a retraction oven shrinking the film to the product creating a second skin effect.

Common fruit and vegetable produce flow wrap packing solutions include: carrots, lettuce, cauliflowers and leeks.


  • Leading edge head / cutting and welding system
  • Touch screen and storable programs
  • Longitudinal cuts creates almost invisible edge
  • Transfer type cutting
  • Wraps very large and unstable products.
  • Photocell technology takes product size and cuts wrap made to measure.