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RGD Mape VR-8 Indalo

HFFS Flow Wrapper

An RGD Mape VR-8 Indalo Flow Wrap Packaging Machine.

The VR-8 Indalo horizontal form-fill-seal flow wrapper is built upon the VR-8 Basic configuration with features that provide greater loading capacity and speeds. It has a rotating head and comes with the necessary components (such as trays and tubs) to facilitate packaging various types of products without in-line supports, such as a tri-color of pepper.

The VR-8 Indalo comes with a 4 meters long conveyor. The conveyor provides greater loading capacity and efficiency. Further speed and efficiencies are achieved from the innovative “No Product No Bag” feature that avoids empty packages; this feature provides increased efficiency with time and with flow wrap film supply costs.


  • Rotating head flow packaging system.

  • Comes with devices necessary for packaging without in line supports

  • It includes a 4 meter conveyor for greater load capacity

  • Includes the “No Product No Bag” system.


  • VR-8 Flow Wrapper Production Rate: Up to 70 packages per minutes depending on products to be packaged and the line feeding systems.


  • Fully automatic centering system for printed film. Can read marks and make the machine adapt accordingly

  • Printers to print data directly on the film

  • Automatic change of film reel

  • Alcohol dispenser for product sterilization

  • Double coil holder

  • No product – no bag. In case of lack of product the machine doesn’t make any package

  • Stacking devices, tray dispensers and automatic loaders.

  • Different options for welding and holes (euroslot, etc.)

  • Longer infeed conveyor

  • Stop no product

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