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VR-8 Flow Wrapper

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HFFS Flow Wrapper

The VR-8 Master is classed as a Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Flow-Pack system. A HFFS system can create a self-contained package by first feeding a laminated film from the upper spool into the forming tunnel. The forming tunnel is universally adjustable allowing for varying sized packs to be created with a single machine. As the film is fed through the forming tunnel it is folded over, creating a tube. A seal is then welded along the length of the pack. As the newly formed package moves through the rotary seal head (head cutter) seals and cuts the ends to form a fully enclosed package. The VR-8 Master can use a wide variety of films for the heat-welding process.

The VR-8 Master’s advanced design and easy controls allow it to carry out complicated tasks quickly and efficiently. The VR-8 Master’s large forming tunnel allows for a variety of packs sizes ranging from 100 mm. x 10 mm. to 420 mm x 300 mm. A state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controller and easy to use touch display makes programming an ease with the ability to store up to 40 different packs.



VR-8 Master Features


VR-8 Master Features

RGD Flow Wrappers are composed of a variety of parts from multiple electro mechanical groups. These components work together to produce a perfectly coordinated HFFS packaging platform.


  • The VR-8 Master utilizes a plastic-coated chassis that consists of a stand that holds two motors fixed in place, side panels and upper plates.
  • All of the VR-8 Master’s metal parts are all heat-treated and are painted with environmentally friendly power coated paints (epoxy)
  • The VR-8 Mater can be easily washed and is certified for use with food products
  • All the parts that come into contact with the product are stainless steel or food grade materials
  • The VR-8 Master comes with a set of tools for cleaning and maintenance and an instruction manual. A spare parts kit that consists of the most frequently needed spare parts will be quoted at time of sale


  • The VR-8 can produce up to 80 bags per minute depending on the type and size of the product, the feeder and the type of film being used.
  • The VR-8s speed is adjusted by the easy to use controls on the touch-screen
service technician making modifications to rgd mape vr8 flow wrap machine


  • Touch-Screen HMI allows for operation of the main controls and provides a heads-up interface that indicates any error alarms
  • HMI is also used for the development and storage of up to for forty different packing recipes


  • The in-feed conveyor has a total length of 2000 mm. (6.5 ft.) and features stainless steel lateral guides that can be easily opened and cleaned. An optional in-feed conveyor that is 4000 mm. (13.1 ft.) is also available.
  • The removable pushers are made from high-quality plastic and are certified for use with food products
  • Product is transported by Teflon mats to avoid damages
  • The bottom opening of the in-feed conveyor is hinged to provide easy access for cleaning


  • The spool holder is self-centering and allows for easy film spool replacement
  • The VR-8 Master’s braking device is fully adjustable
  • The clutch plate gradually increases pressure as the film roll is consumed
  • Automatic double spool-holders are available as an add-on option if a label applicator is not installed


  • The VR-8 consists of three pairs of stainless sealing wheels
  • The electrical resistance system helps to avoid burning of the film, even when the machine is not running
  • The system is controlled by a digital temperature control with dual screen HMI for correcting asynchronies and reduces discrepancy to +/-2°C
  • The rollers resistance system is activated by solid state relays
  • The temperature control has multiple alarm signals to alert operators if issues arise
  • Greasing points are centralized for easy maintenance
  • The forming tunnel is universally adjustable for height and width


  • The Head Cutter includes cartridge style stainless steel resistances with a protective coating, which are guided by a digital heat control with dual display HMI system for correcting asynchronies and reduces discrepancy to +/-2°C using long-lasting solid-state relays
  • An easy to use electric button on the HMI is used to position the product with the head-cutter
  • The temperature control is equipped with several alarm signals
  • The cutting blade is fully adjustable
  • Greasing points are centralized for easy maintenance
  • The structure of the group is coated steel and the heat points are mechanically separated in order to allow for excellent heat dispersion
  • The pressure dampener is adjustable by two springs
  • The machine is equipped with safety devices to prevent damaging the mechanics. Sensitivity can be adjusted according to the product
  • The controls allow for variable widths and heights of the products

Flow Wrap Film

Packaging Material

Flow Wrap Film

Packaging Material


  • Standard BOPP Type Polypropylene
  • Micro-Perforated
  • Macro-Perforated
  • Heat-Weldable Paper
  • Aluminium
  • Combination Film
tomatoes on a tray wrapped in clear perforated flow wrap film


  • Length: from 100 mm. (3.9 inch) to 420 mm. (17.7 inch.)
  • Width: min: 10 mm (0.4 inch.) / max: 300 mm. (11.8 inch.)
  • Height: from 10 mm. (0.4 inch.) to 170 mm. (6.7 inch.)

The length of the bags can be set in the VR-8 program memory or it can be modified on the fly by using the touch-screen HMI.


  • Maximum width: 800 mm. (2.6 ft.)
  • Maximum external diameter: 350 mm. (1.1 ft.)
  • Minimum internal diameter: 70 mm. (2.7 inch.)
  • Maximum weight: 35 Kg. (77.2 Lbs.)


VR-8 Master Specs


VR-8 Master Specs


  • Length: 8270 mm. (27.1 ft.)
  • Width: 1265 mm. (4.3 ft.)
  • Height: 1645 mm. (5.9 ft.)
  • Approx. weight: 800 Kg (1653.5 lbs.)

The dimensions indicated above are standard. For other sizes, please consult Crawford Packaging. 

crawford service technician installing rgd mape vr8 flow wrap machine in greenhouse facility


All flow wrap machines are constructed with painted or treated steel, stainless steel, and moulded plastic.


The VR-8 Master’s paints are composed of 70% resin and 30% inorganic pigments for colour. They have a density of 1.6 + 0.5 and are applied at a thickness of 50 micron. The paints are applied electrostatically in a powder coating process, after the surface undergoes a cleaning and treatment process.


  • Epoxy-polyester powder paints are highly resistant to corrosion, scratching, abrasion, absorption and impact
  • Excellent light resistance to prevent colour fading
  • Highly resistant to chemical agents and cleaning substances: detergents, acetic acid, ethyl alcohol, etc.
  • The pigments are nontoxic and do not produce waste during the painting process.  
  • Excellent degree of flexibility and adherence

Compliance with Standards

  • UNE 48235 Composition of the paint. resins and pigments.
  • ISO 7235-84 Resistance to fog, saline environments (corrosion)
  • UNE 48032-80 Paint adherence tests.
  • PNE 48250 Resistance to abrasion.
rgd mape flow wrap machine packing trays of tomatoes in clear flow wrap


In compliance with the provisions prescribed in EC Directive on machines 98/37.CEE and following:

  • EN – 294
  • EN – 60204/1

Upon sale and installation of your VR-8 Master will be electrically certified for use in Canada. A Pre-start health and safety review or inspection and ultimately certification, remains the responsibility of the end user. If requested Crawford Packaging can assist with a PSR or source an engineering company.

rgd mape flow wrapper in feed conveyor at pma expo and trade show





Gary, Service Technician, Installing Print and Apply Label Applicator on RGD VR-8 Master at Crawford Brampton Equipment Showroom


  • Mount to the existing set-up and brackets in place on RGD Flow Wrap Machines
  • User-friendly display panel
  • Easy adjustments to operating settings
  • Compact designs
  • High-speed
  • Barcode readers and print engines are available
  • Printers print data directly on the film
collection table attached to rgd mape vr-8 master flow wrap machine


Collection tables accumulate finished packs or bags onto a large rotating plate for more convenient picking and packing by operators.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Manual Labour
  • Low Maintenance


  • 2 Way Electrical Collector
  • 4 Way Electrical Collector
  • Blade 5x15x350 mm for head of basic machine (wide of head-cutter 350 mm)
  • Opposite blade 5x15x350 mm for head of basic machine (wide of head-cutter 350 mm)
  • Base of usher 40x33 mm
  • Electric brush-holder
  • Electric brush
  • Fuse 10x38 6A
  • Fuse 10x38 2A
  • Detector IM18-05BNS-ZC1, pusher button phase
  • Resistance for head of basic machine
  • Relay solid state 25A 24 VDC
  • Thermocouple head-cutter and sealing wheel group
  • Security module RE300-RA2, protective guards security relay
  • Protective guards detector
  • Minicontactor 100-M09NZ2431, security motor contactor
  • Security relay UE23-2MFD3 24, emergency stop security
  • Encoder
  • Sealing wheel group inverter, FR-S520S-0,4KW- ECR
  • Photocell WT9-2N 430
  • Resistance for head of master machine (wide of head-cutter 350 mm)
  • Sealing wheel group resistance D=107 mm


  • Fully automatic centering system for printed flow wrap film. Can read marks and make the machine adapt accordingly
  • Stacking devices, tray dispensers and automatic loaders.
  • Alcohol dispenser for product sterilization
  • No product – no bag. In case of lack of product the machine doesn’t make any package
  • Different options for welding and holes (euroslot, etc.)
  • Automatic change of film reel
  • Longer in-feed conveyor
  • Double coil holder


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