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RGD Mape VR-6 Sprinter

HFFS Flow Wrapper

The RGD Mape VR-6 Sprinter is an integrated, compact and high performance solution for punnets and trays packaging.

RGD Mape VR-6 Sprinter


High Performance Autoloading in a Compact Size

  • Pack up to 120 packs/mintue in just 5 meters

  • Perform at high production rates with limited space

  • Reduce labour costs

  • Improved efficiency of the packaging process

Fast and Flexible Production Process

  • Handle fast and constant pace

  • Promptly adapt to irregular production flow

  • Handle products arriving at different speeds

  • Positions products at correct distance

Extreme Versatility

  • Quickly adapts to punnets and trays of different shapes, materials and weight

  • Ability to work with a wide variety of containers

  • Maximize container capacity

Easy to Operate

  • Simple and intuitive touch screen panel

  • Quick section of formats, change of parameters and functioning



  • Cycles/Min: up to 120

  • Meters/Min: 30m

Range of Dimensions of Product

  • Length: 80-350mm

  • Width: 10-240mm

  • Height: 10-120mm

Film Reel Sizes

  • Max. Width: 600mm

  • Min. Internal Diameter: 70mm

  • Max. External Diameter: 350mm

  • Max. Weight: 35 kg

Electrical Data

  • Single Phase: 220V. 50/60Hz

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