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Wulftec WRT-150

Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

The Wulftec WRT-150 Semi- Automatic Stretch Wrapper produces 40 to 50 loads per hour.

WRT-150 manufactured by Wulftec offers an effective alternative to hand wrapping production. This Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper consists of a free-standing rotating arm that is mounted on the floor that circles a load that is place in the wrapping area. The WRT-150 comes with a 4 year warranty and can use a variety of machine stretch films.


  • 20″ NO-THREAD® powered pre-stretch carriage
  • 25” Heavy duty Ring Gear Bearing with Pinion Gear Drive
  • Positive arm alignment controlled by proximity sensor
  • Emergency stop sensor for arm path obstruction
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix 1200 PLC
  • Floor mounted model
  • Separate up and down carriage speeds


  • Unlimited load weight capacity
  • Up to 12 RPM variable rotary arm speed
  • Electrical 120V/I/60 15A
  • Maximum load size 56”W x 56”L x 80”H
  • Motor 1HP