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Lantech Q-400

Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

Lantech’s Q-400 offers a heavy duty Turntable Stretch Wrapper with features which will eliminate waste in your shipping operation. If your fork lift operator is having to get off the forklift to cut the stretch film at the end of the wrap cycle, stop wasting valuable time by considering this model with Auto Film Cut-off.


  • Auto Film Cut-off eliminates 30 secs. from the wrap cycle time.

  • Belt driven film carriage and turntable.

  • No scheduled maintenance.

  • Micro Controller.

  • Pallet Grip® locks load to pallet.

  • Sealed for life bearings.

  • Timer controlled pre-sets.


  • Maximum load size 73 1’2″ diagonal x 80″ high.

  • Maximum load capacity 5,000 lbs.

  • Turntable 65″ diameter.

  • 30 – 40 loads per hour.

  • NEMA 12 enclosure.

  • Electrical 115V / 20A.

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