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Lantech Q-400XT

Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

Lantech’s model Q-400XT allows the operator to stay on the fork lift and by using a remote lanyard can stretch wrap the load automatically. This saves time, money and eliminates many workman compensation issues related to operator injury. The Q-400XT Turntable Stretch Wrapper comes standard with Pallet Grip® a patented solution to lock your load to the pallet, eliminating shifting, product damage and returned goods.

The Q-400XT has a variety of Stretch Wrap Machine add on options available such as: pallet wrapper with scale (scale package), loading ramp, forklift bumper, pit mount, oversized turntable, extended wrap height, 30″ roll carriage and more.


  • XT film cut / clamp keeps driver on fork lift.
  • Easy maintenance and clean up under hinged XT feature.
  • Enclosed tower eliminates exposed wiring.
  • Pallet Grip® locks load to pallet.
  • Sealed for life bearings.


  • Maximum load size 73 ½” diagonal x 80″ high.
  • Turntable variable speed drive 1 H.P. TEFC.
  • Maximum load weight 5,000 lbs.
  • 35 – 45 loads / hour.
  • Turntable 65″ diameter.
  • Electrical 115V / 20A.