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Used Packaging Equipment

Find the used packaging equipment that is right for your packaging solution and budget. Crawford Packaging used packaging machines offer you the opportunity to save hundreds to thousands of dollars over new. Each of our used packaging machines come with all available machine history and has received a full examination from our factory trained and certified technicians. All our used packaging equipment is available for purchase outright or through leasing options. Do you only require a machine for a short period of time? No problem! Lease a machine without the permanent commitment.

New Demo and Used Packaging Equipment

Stretch Wrappers

New Demo Turntable Stretch Wrapper - Wulftec SML-150

Shrink Wrappers and Tunnels

Used Automatic L-Sealer Shrink Wrapper - Shanklin A-27A

Case Sealers

New Demo Case Sealer - Loveshaw Little David SP-304

Used Case Sealer - Loveshaw Little David LD-16A

New Demo Case Sealer - Intertape Auto H20 USA 2024-WAT

New Demo Case Sealer - Intertape USC 2020-TB

Used Case Sealer - Pearson CS30

New Demo Case Sealer - 3M Matic L-Clip Applicator S867

New Demo Case Sealer - 3M-Matic 800ab

Strapping Machines

New Demo Strapping Machine - StraPack RQ-8x


Used Poly-Bagger - Advanced Poly Packaging T-1000

Used Floor Scrubber - Dustbane Hurricane 400 XTT

New Demo Band Sealer - Emplex MPS 6200


Last Updated: June 2019


Buying Tips

Buying Used Equipment

Buying Tips

Buying Used Equipment


Used Packaging Machine 30 Day Performance Guarantee

Crawford Packaging provides 30 day no charge Trouble Free guarantee. At any time during the first 30 days following installation and startup we will provide full support at no charge to correct any operational or performance issues. We offer this over and above the Manufacturer’s Warranty which is also included in this proposal. Please note that Crawford Packaging while providing state of the art 24-hour service support accepts no responsibility for the labor portion of any warranty claims beyond what the manufacturers terms and conditions provide. Specifications in this proposal are subject to change without notice.


Benefits of Purchasing Used Packaging Equipment from Crawford

Used Packaging Equipment: Right Application & Right Budget

  • Cost Savings – Save hundreds or even thousands on used equipment

  • Continued Service – You qualify for same maintenance and support services you would receive if you were purchasing a brand-new machine.

  • Machine History – We have background information for each machine, you will not be left to do the research yourself.

  • All Machines Are Our Stock – We do not purchase used equipment from other distributors.

  • Leasing Options – Do you only require a machine for a brief period? No problem! Lease a machine without the permanent commitment.

A used Revolution Top Seal Machine running trays of Tomatoes.

4 Tips on Purchasing Used Packaging Equipment

The 4 Tips You Should Follow Before Purchasing Used Packaging Equipment

  1. Contact the manufacturer/distributor and research the model number and serial number.

  2. Talk to the support or technical service person and decide whether the machine is an off the shelf model, or customized for a specific application.

  3. Be aware of wear parts and the 10-year caution rule.

  4. Avoid machines where manufacturers have gone out of business and no longer can support the machine with back up parts and service.

Two Service Technicians fixing a used packaging machine.

After Purchase Maintenance and Support

Crawford Packaging offers the same maintenance and support services available when you buy a brand-new machine. For used packaging equipment sales, parts, service and support contact 1-800-265-4993 or