Can You Name a Few Industrial Packaging Materials?

We understand Industrial Packaging.

At Crawford Packaging, we understand that quality is one of the most important features industrial manufacturers need from their packaging solutions. With over 50 years of experience, we work with our clients to develop customized, cost-effective, and impactful industrial packaging solutions that increase efficiency and decrease waste.

You may ask, what is industrial packaging? Industrial packaging can often be referred to as manufacturer packaging – Industrial packaging is a term that is used to describe specialized, heavy duty or customized packaging that brings the added value protection to many of today’s products. The types of industrial packaging materials typically have stronger gauges which are made for load containment, as well as shipping to a variety of locations around the world. Some types of industrial packaging materials, but not limited to, include:


  • Stretch Film

  • Shrink Film

  • Strapping Materials

What is Stretch Film?

Stretch film for packaging is a process of unitizing a pallet of goods using a plastic film in order to reduce the risk of damage. When you ship products, they become vulnerable to sudden movements, improper handling and environmental elements. These dangers can result in damaged goods, unplanned labour and costly reverse logistics processes.

Stretch film packaging is used in industrial packaging, also known as manufacturer packaging, as these types of companies typically have large shipments going overseas. With this knowledge, we selected the premium stretch films in the market today to deliver the highest in quality standards. We’ve developed performance-driven products and program, including our Wrap-it-Right program, that deliver flexibility and reliability to your packaging solution.

Types of Stretch Film

1. Hand Stretch Film

Hand stretch film is specifically designed to be applied manually and is therefore typically utilized in low-volume packaging operations.

2. Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch film is film that is specifically designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine and is typically utilized in high-volume packaging operations.

What is Shrink Film?

Shrink film packaging for products is one of the most common forms of packaging on the market today. Shrink wrap packaging offers many benefits to products when used as either a primary or secondary packaging solution. Shrink wrapping involves the process of wrapping heat sensitive films over your product then in return, the heat applied forms to the product creating a strong barrier and package.

Crawford Packaging offers shrink wrap film and packaging solutions for a variety of industrial packaging applications. We have industrial packaging specific shrink films that are strong, heavy polyethylene films that offer incredible containment strength for secondary packaging applications. These films offer a cost-effective solution that provides superior protection against the elements and can be branded for increased marketing opportunities.

Types of Stretch Film

There are two common types of shrink wrap:

  1. Polyolefin – offers virtually no odors, great clarity & appearance, durability, & versatility. Ideal for freezer applications and is printable.

  2. Polyethylene – offers lower clarity that other films but its thicker characteristics make it durable. Polyethylene tightens around the package when introduced to cool air at the last stage of the packaging process. Offers great protection for shipped products.

What are Strapping Materials?

Strapping material packaging is one of the most common ways to package your industrial products, aside from stretch film – but they can go hand-in-hand! Strapping material packaging are bands of flat steel or plastic tightened around a package or pallet of goods and fasten together to secure the package. Strapping packaging will bundle products together, improve containment strength and secure a load to a shipping pallet.

Strapping material packaging can come in a variety of materials but still have the same result – containing your load for transport.

Types of Strapping Material

  • Steel

  • High Tensile Steel

  • Polypropylene

  • Polyester, and more!

Types of Strapping Material


Crawford’s Wrap-It-Right Program works with clients to audit and review their existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap-It-Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through standardization of stretch film practices. Through the Wrap-It-Right program, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs. This program and solution primarily pertains to:

  • Stretch Film

  • Strapping Materials


Crawford’s Shrink-It-Right program works with clients to audit and review their existing shrink wrap practices, materials and equipment. The program will identify areas of inefficiency and offers improvements to increase productivity and reduce per pack costs. The Shrink-It-Right program has helped a wide variety of clients from manufacturers to e-commerce fulfillment centers to food processors. Through the Shrink-It-Right program our clients have realized savings of up to 30%. This program and solution primarily pertains to:

  • Shrink Film

Which Do I Need?

Whether you need shrink film, stretch film, or strapping materials really it is best to consider bringing on a packaging expert to look at your packaging operation to help determine the right film for your application.

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