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34 Surprising Ways a Case Sealer Will Add Value

box on conveyor attached to red and black case sealing machine

Here are the 34 Surprising Benefits of Quality Case Sealers

Discover some of the great system features and benefits provided by a quality case sealer and its impact on your packaging operation. If your existing system does not offer you all that you see here, we can provide you one that will.


  1. Labor cost saving – one person using a semiautomatic machine can process in 5 minutes what someone using a hand taper does in 30 minutes.
  2. Increases productivity
  3. Reliable and simple design means NO downtime
  4. Ready for use, needs only switching on and has minimal training costs
  5. Several tape widths can be accommodated on the same machine, so less investment and greater returns
  6. Provides a space saving solution, time saving and labor saving as it is no longer required to pre- seal the bottom of boxes
  7. Low power consumption
  8. Must be able to use 3000ft tape rolls, because they cost less per foot than 660ft rolls and cause less waste when roll is nearly empty as replacements are less frequent than 660ft rolls = 45ft x 198ft rolls = 3000ft roll


  1. Ready for immediate use: Plug in and switch on
  2. Can be fitted with optional casters, so easily movable within the factory
  3. Tape can be replaced quickly and easily due to side threading cartridge

Safety and Comfort

  1. Easy access to all moving parts
  2. Safer for operator to use
  3. No sharp edges
  4. Protected knife guard on taping cartridge
  5. Interlocked safety gates on automatic models protect worker
  6. Robust and stable
  7. The steel frame protects all moving parts
  8. Reliable and easy to use machines


  1. Can be fitted to existing packaging line without major changes
  2. Operating
  3. Very easy to install and operate
  4. Minimal operating training
  5. User friendly
  6. High quality reliable components
  7. Should accommodate different widths of tape and different qualities, including PS Paper tape


  1. Overall a maintenance free machine
  2. Only wear parts are: springs, rollers, knife and belts
  3. Tape cartridge should allow easy access to all springs
  4. Only regularly check the knife and clean when required
  5. Belt change should be simple and fast

Aesthetic and Security

  1. Cleaner and neater way of sealing your boxes
  2. Tape always centered and applied in a consistent fashion
  3. Boxes are more securely sealed (2 wipe rollers) = less likely to open = less product damage or waste

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