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How We Helped an Agricultural Manufacturer Improve Stretch Wrap Efficiency with Buy It Right

Case Study: Agricultural Manufacturer


Crawford Packaging recently assisted an Agricultural Manufacturer to strengthen their stretch wrapping capabilities. The Manufacturer had experienced an increase in their production demand at their facility. The increase was putting a strain on their existing stretch wrap equipment. Due to the wrappers age, it was unable to handle the production increase.

Crawford’s Packaging Specialist met with the Manufacturer to review Crawford’s available stretch wrapping equipment. The Manufacturer required the equipment quickly and could not get the capital funds arranged by the time they required the new stretch wrapper. The Packaging Specialist presented the Manufacturer to Crawford’s Buy It Right program for new packaging equipment. This program helped the Manufacturer avoid the capital expenditure and approval process. The Buy It Right program allowed the Manufacturer to add their new equipment cost into their regular stretch film purchases.

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A large Agricultural Manufacturer had seen an increase in demand for their products. This increase was driving up production rates and increasing the number pallets to wrap. All the pallets at the Manufacturer’s facility were wrapped by a single stretch wrapper. The Manufacturer's existing stretch wrapper was starting to age and was on the brink of complete failure. To prepare for the upcoming increase in production, the Manufacturer knew they required a new stretch wrapper. The Manufacturer sought a reliable stretch wrapper that could be a true workhorse for their facility and keep pace with the increase in production.

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Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Manufacturer’s facility to conduct a free packaging consultation. The consultation aimed to assess the Manufacturer’s existing stretch wrap solution and desired packaging goals. With the success that the Manufacturer had with their previous Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper, the Packaging Specialist aimed to provide a similar system. To save space, the Packaging Specialist recommended a Wulftec WRT-100 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper that can wrap up to 50 loads per hour.

The Manufacturer began their capital approval process for purchasing the new stretch wrapper. As with many large companies making large capital expenditures, the process would take time. This was time that the Manufacturer did not have. With their production levels on the rise already, the Manufacturer required the new stretch wrapper right away. Without a new stretch wrapper, the Manufacturer risked a complete packaging shut down and could have to wrap skids by hand. This would drive up cost and increase the risk of their heavy loads collapsing during transport or handling.

To reduce the Manufacturer’s downtime, the Packaging Specialist suggested Crawford’s Buy It Right program. This program would consolidate the Manufacturer’s new stretch wrap payments and stretch film costs into one scheduled process.


Crawford Packaging’s Buy It Right Program

The Buy It Right Program offers businesses an alternative to traditional financing. The Buy It Right Program allows for the consolidation of new packaging equipment payments with the packaging material it uses. This allows business to avoid large capital costs through increased packaging material price. The Buy it Right program is designed to reduce financing approval times and eliminate the complications that often come when making large capital purchases.

Wulftec WRT-100

The Wulftec WRT-100 Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper is capable of wrapping up to 50 loads per minute. The rotary arm design is an optimal format for loads consisting of various box sizes or heavy and unstable loads. The streamlined structure uses upper mounting plates instead of a traditional machine base. This allows a WRT-100 to be directly attached to an existing column in a facility.

Guardian G90 Stretch Film

Crawford Guardian is Crawford’s private brand of products. Crawford Guardian is designed to ensure our clients receive the best packaging products in the industry. Custom manufactured to our specifications and standards, these packaging products are the best in class and meet or exceed accepted packaging standards.

Our Guardian G90 film is an ultra-premium stretch film with one-sided cling for easy handling and loading. This film provides excellent optics and can offer up to 300% pre-stretch to provide maximum stretch capabilities. Due to the advanced quality and strength, this 77-gauge film can offer the same containment capabilities of a standard 90-gauge film.


With the support of Crawford’s Buy It Right Program, the Manufacturer was able to accelerate the acquisition of their Wulftec WRT-100. Buy It Right’s simple approval process helped the Manufacturer avoid the need to make a large capital expenditure. The shortened approval process helped them ensure their facility had a reliable stretch wrapper that would meet their rising production levels. This knowledge-based packaging solution has also helped the Manufacturer to greatly improve their stretch wrapping process moving forward.

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Increased Productivity

The new WRT-100 Stretch Wrapper will provide the Manufacturer with a reliable stretch wrapping solution as they move forward and increase production. The new equipment will also cause less downtime and need less maintenance work to keep it running.

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Reduced Stretch Film Consumption

With the ultra-premium Crawford Guardian G90 Stretch Film, the Manufacturer was able to reduce their film gauge from a 90-gauge film to a 77-gauge stretch film. This reduction in gauge reduces the amount of raw material that is used per pallet.

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Improved Cost Per Skid

The new Wulftec WRT-100 and Crawford Guardian G90 Stretch Film are estimated to help save the Manufacturer 30%-40% on their 2018 stretch film purchases. Savings that can be directly applied to the payments of their new stretch wrapper.

Another great cost savings moment from Crawford Packaging.

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