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Improving Productivity and Optimizing Labour with Custom Designed Packaging Stations

Case Study: Apparel Company


Recently Crawford Packaging worked with a large apparel company in the Greater Toronto Area. The Apparel Company was moving to a new facility and required a new packaging station for their employees. The Apparel Company contacted Crawford Packaging to develop a customized packing table for their packaging operation.

A Crawford Packaging Specialist visited the Apparel Company’s facility to review options for customized packaging stations. This included options like monitors and keyboards, storage shelves and invoice printers. Following the review, the Apparel Company tested various packaging stations for better efficiency. After the trial, the Apparel Company added new custom packaging stations throughout their facility.

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A Large Apparel Company was growing and required new packaging stations. The Apparel Company was using traditional, flat top tables for their stations. Their goal was to create a custom packaging station engineered to match each type of packaging requirement. This included stations that were located near conveyors and other types of packaging equipment. In total, the Apparel Company thought they would need three different packaging station designs.


A Crawford Packaging Specialist visited the Apparel Company’s new facility to review their current packaging operation. Following the review, the Specialist and the Apparel Company’s Operations Manager discussed their goals and requirements. The Packaging Specialist presented a custom packaging station with tables that offered options including monitor and keyboard stations, computer shelves, and custom shelves for hand tools and paperwork.


After reviewing all the possible options, the Packaging Specialist and Operations Manager developed three different packaging station layouts. This included a standard design and custom designs for the packaging stations that needed to be near other packaging equipment. After the design process, new packaging stations were developed for testing in the Apparel Company’s facility. This would allow them to test the effectiveness of the designs and identify any changes or additions to the layout. 


After a thorough test period, the Apparel Company added custom designed workstations to all their packaging stations. This knowledge-based packaging workstation solution has helped the Apparel Company increase productivity, throughput and labour efficiency.

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Increased Productivity and Throughput

The addition of the new packaging workstations allowed the Apparel Company to increase worker productivity and throughput rate. The workstations have optimized employee efforts by creating an environment where they can complete multiple tasks at one location.

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Increased Labour Efficieny 

Crawford successfully increased the efficiency at each workstation by standardizing the layout. Every station had every item in the same place so that the employees knew where everything was located and did not have to go through an adjustment phase at different stations.

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