Types of Conveyors


Types of Conveyors

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Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are one of the most popular and commonly used forms of automation today. They allow for fast and safe transportation of items from one location to the other without employee handling. Conveyor systems, also referred to as conveyor belts come in a variety of formats for a variety of packaging solutions.

Conveyor Systems Formats

  • Roller
  • Ball
  • Belt
  • Indexing
  • Flighted
Crawford Packaging Pack Flight Conveyor System with Shrink Wrapped Cucumbers

PackFlight Conveyors

PackFlight conveyors are designed and engineered by Crawford Packaging to work with a variety of Shrink Wrap machines. PackFlight features a flighted conveyor available in 126” and 86” lengths and easy access underside panels for easy maintenance.

Cardboard Box on a Wecon Flexible Skate Wheel packaging conveyor system attached to Case Sealer.

Flexible Conveyors

Flexible Conveyors are high-performance conveyor designed to flex, extend and expand as needed. These portable conveyor systems are ideal for packaging environments that can change from day to day.

Wecon Flexible/Skate Wheel Conveyor System

Wecon Gravity Roller Packaging Conveyor System close up.

Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyors rely on Earth’s gravity to move products along the non-powered rolls. These conveyors are the most commonly used method for moving loads today. They are especially useful for loads needing to travel longer distances and provide options for straight and curved conveyors

Wecon Light Duty 1.4 Gravity Roller

Wecon Medium Duty 1.9 Gravity Roller

Wecon Heavy Duty 2.5 Gravity Roller

Powered Roller packaging conveyor system attached to a Powered Belted conveyor system.

Powered Roller Conveyors

Powered Roller Conveyors use electric motors that rotate the rollers to move products. Live roller conveyor systems are capable of accumulating products with minimum conveyor back pressure.

Wecon Live Roller Conveyor System

Wecon Slider Bed Conveyor System


Features of Conveyors

How Conveyors Increase Efficiecny

Features of Conveyors

How Conveyors Increase Efficiecny

A graph showing an upswing in productivity due to a packaging conveyor system.

Improve Packaging Solution Efficiency with Conveyor Systems

Packaging Conveyors offer full automation options for moving your products through the packaging process. The automation minimizes product handling limiting the risk of damages and handling errors. With fewer products lost or broken your packaging solution will see improved operating efficiency and speed.

A weight showing that heavy packages can be transported via packaging conveyors.

Conveyors Reduce the Use of Heavy Moving Equipment

Conveyor systems limit interaction between employees and heavy moving equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks. By shuttling products to and from your packaging equipment via conveyor you reduce close interaction with these dangerous machines. This can improve packaging speeds and reduce the risk of collisions and decreased fuel use. 

Arrows showing how packaging conveyors can help move products.

Using Conveyors to Accumulate Products for Packaging

The automation process offers methods for product and package accumulation. Accumulation is the process of grouping related products and packages together in preparation for packing, handling or shipping. This is a practice commonly used in packaging produce, where Packers need quantities of products to pack instead of a solitary product.

A shield showing how packaging conveyors help protect your employees from injury.

Limit the Risk of Injury with Packaging Conveyor Systems

A conveyor belt or roller conveyor system limits employee handling of materials and packages. By limiting this interaction, you can reduce the risk of strain or repetitive motion injury. Fewer employee injuries helps keep your staff at full strength and reduce costly insurance filings.

A arrow showing the continuous cycle flow that is possible with packaging conveyors.

Conveyors Limit Packaging Line Starvation

Conveyors regulate product movement through a packaging solution. This ensures that packaging stations further down a production line are not starved for the resources they need to run.