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Improving Pepper Packaging Throughput and Efficiency with the RGD Mape VR-8 Master

Case Study: Produce Grower/Packer

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A fresh Bell Pepper Grower in Mexico approached Crawford Packaging to assist in improving their existing flow wrap packaging solution. The Grower had purchased a Flow Wrapper and was having difficulty getting the machine to run. The Grower had been experiencing technical and quality issues since the machines purchase. The result was a breakdown in packaging productivity. The Grower’s current Flow Wrapper was unreliable and that was impacting their ability to fill customer orders. Further impacting the Grower’s efficiency was a lack of support from the machine manufacturer. The manufacturer was unable to provide the needed service and support due to their geographic location.

The Grower, having been in contact with Crawford in the past, reached out to one of our Packaging Specialist for advice. The Packaging Specialist conducted a free consultation to review the Grower’s existing flow wrap solution. Following the consultation, it was recommended that the client consider replacing their low-quality Flow Wrapper with a high-speed wrapper by RGD Mape. A high-speed flow wrapper would increase productivity so the Grower could meet their existing packaging demand. A new Flow Wrapper would also allow the Grower to further expand their growing capacity without needing a second machine. The key benefit for the Grower was Crawford’s years of experience and expert knowledge in flow wrap packaging. This experience was backed by strong technical support from Crawford’s factory trained and certified Technicians.


The Grower had purchased a low-quality machine and were receiving no support from the machine manufacturer. This was resulting in poor machine performance and a breakdown of the packaging process. The Grower required a partner who could provide quality packaging equipment and insightful and knowledgeable support.


The Grower contacted Crawford for free packaging consultation. The consultations goal was to identify how the Grower could improve existing flow wrap processes. As a new entrant into flow wrap packaging, the Grower had been experiencing poor machine performance. With a lack of support from the machine manufacturer, the Grower was unable to fix the issue themselves.

After consulting with the Grower, the Packaging Specialist demonstrated the full breadth of Crawford’s packaging equipment programs. As a full-service packaging company, Crawford could offer the Grower a comprehensive packaging plan. This plan included a new RGD Mape VR-8 Master Flow Wrapper, Flow Wrap Film and technical support.


RGD Mape VR-8 Master Flow Wrapper

The VR-8 Master is an electronic horizontal flow wrap packaging machine that provides new standards in handling and flexibility. The VR-8 Master is capable of packaging a wide range of products easily at high speeds. It allows setting and storing up to 40 different packing programs and can run at speeds up to 70 packs/minute. A variety of accessories allows the VR-8 Master to be tailored to match specific customer needs and requirements.

Packaging Machine Support

As a leading distributor of packaging equipment, Crawford Packaging is the only turn-key, full-service packaging equipment, and consumables wholesaler. Crawford offers clients a full range of services to support new and used packaging equipment purchases. These services seek to increase performance and maintain equipment capacity throughout the entire lifecycle of the machine. Our packaging equipment programs can include:


The Grower was impressed by Crawford’s full service, turn-key packaging equipment solutions. After consulting with the Packaging Specialist, they purchased an RGD VR-8 Master Flow Wrapper and GrowPack Flow Wrap Film. The new machine and flow wrap film has replaced the Grower’s old, low-quality machine for all their pepper packaging. This knowledge-based packaging solution has allowed the Grower to greatly increase their pepper packaging throughput rates and fulfill orders in a timely manner.

Since installation, Crawford has worked with the Grower to ensure a successful machine launch. Crawford’s world-class training, service, and technical support teams have made the transition process virtually seamless for the Grower and their staff. The VR-8 Master has helped the Grower meet their throughput demands, increase productivity levels, and has given the Grower the ability to grow. The Grower is now increasing their acreage to utilize the full capacity of the VR-8 Master.

GrowPack Flow Wrap Film Packaging

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