Case Study: Produce Grower


When a Mexican produce grower developed a new product, they knew they needed a new packaging solution to match. This solution needed to be innovative, industry-leading, and eco-friendly — something that their previous clamshell packaging couldn’t offer.

Since the grower had already worked with Crawford Packaging, they felt comfortable approaching their Packaging Specialist with the issue. As a trusted packaging solution partner, the Specialist had developed an understanding of the grower’s unique needs, and was therefore able to offer a solution quickly. It was recommended that a Packaging Automation Eclipse SL4 Motion top sealer running printed film be used in their newest project. This machine would not only cut down on over 15% of plastic consumption, but the printed film offered superior branding opportunities for an enhanced user experience.

Thanks to the SL4 Motion, the grower can seal up to 80 packs per minute — compared to their previous slow, manual process of closing clamshells. This drastically cut down on wasted labour, as well as offered cheaper, more eco-friendly packaging that greatly exceeded the expectations of the grower’s clients.


A new product line gave a Mexican grower an opportunity to use new packaging techniques to improve their carbon footprint and product quality. To meet growing demand for eco-friendly packaging options, the produce grower needed a packaging solution that wouldn’t interfere with current operations, but could also be scaled for other product lines.



The grower already trusted Crawford Packaging with its packaging needs, so when the new opportunity presented itself, they asked for an audit to be done to find a new solution. A Crawford Packaging Specialist reviewed their operations and the new product being shipped, and recommended a top sealer — the Packaging Automation Eclipse SL4 Motion. By upgrading to the new system, the grower had the potential to use over 15% less plastic and pack produce at speeds up to 80 packs per minute.



The Eclipse SL4 Motion is a fully automatic Tray Sealer capable of sealing up to 75 packages per minute. Fully-electric Powerdrive ™ technology requires zero air to run and offers an energy efficient sealing solution. The SL4’s automatic standby feature further enhances its efficiency, reducing energy consumption when not in use. The ultra-lightweight tooling and Inbuilt Tool Docking System ensures quick tooling changeovers as short as 2 minutes. This tray-sealing powerhouse can run a variety of lidding film types and can be upgraded to seal MAP and SkinPAC.



Reduced Waste

With a 15% reduction in plastic consumption, the grower can drastically reduce overall waste — and save money simultaneously.


Reduced Labour

Prior to using the SL4, each clamshell package had to be manually closed by a line worker. Now, thanks to the automation of the top sealing, labour can be better used in other areas of the grower’s facilities.